Bloody Pentagrams Found In Primary School Textbook, S’pore Publisher Issues Recall

Redditor Finds Bloody Pentagrams In Primary School Chinese Textbook

Oftentimes, primary school textbooks are filled with colourful illustrations to aid students with their learning.

However, such images must be tastefully curated to ensure they are appropriate for young children.

Recently, a Redditor was alarmed when he found bloody pentagrams in a primary school textbook accompanied by a description that reads “shapes”.

Source: Reddit

The Chinese vocabulary textbook also features less sinister pictures, which makes this illustration ever more curious.

Bloody pentagrams accompanies “shapes” in primary school textbook

On Thursday (28 Apr), Redditor Themoltenbeacon uploaded images apparently of pages from a Chinese vocabulary textbook, with one particular illustration showing a bloody pentagram.

Along with the pictures, the OP says they “didn’t know Satanist symbols were part of learning Chinese for primary school students”.

The pentagram, coloured in red and seemingly dripping in blood, was meant to represent the word “shapes”.

Source: Reddit

Interestingly, the illustrations accompanying other words like “triangle” and “square” were less controversial.

Source: Reddit

Publishers issue recall & dispose of Chinese textbooks

Speaking to Coconuts, the publisher of the book, Marlinsons says that they were “not aware that this is a satanist symbol” and conceded that they were careless in their usage.

They agreed with the internet’s sentiment that the illustrations were “highly inappropriate”.

Marlinsons have also pledged to step up their quality inspection so as to not repeat the same mistakes.

The publishing house has since issued a recall for all of the textbooks. They will dispose of the current stock of textbooks and issue a “less diabolical” reprint.

Source: Reddit

Be more careful about imagery in children’s textbooks

It’s vital for children to be surrounded by good intentions during their formative years.

However, there will inevitably be forces out of our control that may undermine our efforts.

Hopefully, Marlisons takes more care when it comes to publishing study material for our next generations.

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