BlueSG Users Stuck In Vehicle During CNY, They Climb Out Of Windows To Exit

BlueSG Users Stuck In Vehicle On 24 Jan

Carsharing companies like BlueSG have proven to be a hit in Singapore over recent years, perhaps due to the convenience, especially for those who choose not to or are unable to own a car.

Despite the convenience, such services aren’t always fuss-free. Three customers recently ran into some trouble after driving around during Chinese New Year (CNY).

As the driver was about to drop one of his friends off, he realised that they could not unlock the vehicle doors, both from the inside and outside.


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With no other options available, the trio ended up having to climb out through the tiny windows.

BlueSG users stuck in vehicle on 3rd day of CNY

In a video posted on Wednesday (25 Jan), TikTok user Jayden documented the ordeal he and two other friends faced on the third day of CNY (23 Jan).

At the start of the video, the 27-year-old was seen pressing several buttons to unlock the car but to no avail.

Source: @jaydenpangg on TikTok

The video then skipped to another scene where he and his two friends were seemingly attempting to squeeze themselves out through the car windows.

Source: @jaydenpangg on TikTok

Later on, after parking the car at a BlueSG charging station, Jayden’s friend filmed him slowly wriggling through the tiny window opening.

He first got his torso out of the car before positioning his feet on the ledge and using the support to jump to the floor.

Source: @jaydenpangg on TikTok

At the end of the clip, one of Jayden’s friends was seen waving the BlueSG vehicle goodbye.

Source: @jaydenpangg on TikTok

In the caption, Jayden wrote that the “struggle was real” and joked that it was a bad idea to use “all their (our) luck during CNY”.

BlueSG offered new vehicle upon learning about situation

Speaking to MS News, Jayden shared that the incident happened sometime between 4am and 5am on Tuesday (24 Jan).

Recounting the incident, he said that they only discovered that they were unable to unlock the doors while dropping one of their friends off at Sin Ming.

The trio made several attempts at opening the doors but to no avail. These include:

  • Opening the door from the outside
  • Turning off the engine
  • Pressing the unlock button

Jayden then contacted BlueSG and alerted them to the incident.

Upon learning about the situation, BlueSG apparently suspended the rental and even offered Jayden and his friends a new vehicle to drive themselves home.

While the incident was no doubt unfortunate, Jayden lauded BlueSG’s good services and patience.

MS News has reached out to BlueSG for a statement on this incident and will update this article when they get back.

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Featured image adapted from @jaydenpangg on TikTok

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