Mitsubishi Driver Allegedly Double Parks At Boat Quay To Smoke, Blocks Traffic For 30 Minutes 

Mitsubishi Driver Double Parks Along Circular Road At Boat Quay, Ends Up Blocking Street

UPDATE (9 Dec): Speaking to Shin Min Daily News, the owner of a nearby stall said he spotted the driver of the red Mitsubishi smoking calmly along the roadside.

The stall owner added that the driver strolled casually back to his car and did not drive away immediately.

There are reasons why certain areas are designated for parking while others are not.

After all, parking irresponsibly not only causes inconvenience for other road users but may also lead to dangerous situations.

The driver of a red Mitsubishi was recently caught double parking along Circular Road in the Boat Quay area, blocking traffic for about 30 minutes.

Source: Facebook

Amid a medley of loud car honks, a motorcyclist’s actions stood out as he helped divert traffic while braving the rain.

Mitsubishi driver double parks along Boat Quay road on 11 Dec

On Thursday (7 Dec), Facebook user Jan Mascarina posted a series of videos documenting the situation along Circular Road earlier that afternoon.

In the videos, a red Mitsubishi car is seen double parked next to a lane of roadside parking lots.

Source: Facebook

This inevitably caused traffic to a crawl as motorists had to carefully navigate the road in order not to scrape against the car as well as the vehicles on the other side of the road.

Unsurprisingly, the drivers grew impatient and sounded their honks to express their displeasure.

Sensing the tense situation, a motorcyclist got off his bike and helped divert traffic in the rain.

Source: Facebook

Speaking to MS News, the OP said the rider stood in the middle of the road for a good 10 to 15 minutes before going his own way.

In the video, the rider paced back and forth to check if the vehicles were clear to pass.

Unsurprisingly, larger vehicles had a tougher time making their way through the narrow gap.

The driver of one multi-purpose vehicle even had to fold one of its side mirrors in order not to brush against the red vehicle.

Source: Facebook

Driver returns after 30 minutes & faces wrath of other road users

The OP shared that the driver of the red Mitsubishi returned to his vehicle about 30 minutes later and had to face the wrath of angry drivers.

Source: Facebook

A man in white was even seen banging on the red vehicle’s car bonnet while shouting expletives at the driver.

The driver of the offending red Mitsubishi drove off shortly after the hostile encounter.

Hopefully, they also learned their lesson not to park in such an inconsiderate way ever again.

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Featured image adapted from Jan Mascarina on Facebook

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