Flash Flood Hits Boon Lay After Heavy Rain, Taxi Stranded & Bus Stop Nearly Submerged

Boon Lay Hit By Flash Flood After Heavy Rain On 28 Nov

Heavy rains have graced Singapore recently, as predicted by our weather services. The afternoon rain today (28 Nov), however, proved sizeable enough to hit Boon Lay with a flash flood.

Videos on social media showed muddy waters nearly submerging bus stops. Cars also struggled through the relatively high water levels.

One taxi appeared to have gotten stranded in the flash flood as well.

The PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency (PUB), gave flash flood alerts and warned the public to avoid certain locations.

Flood hits Boon Lay due to heavy rain

On Tuesday (28 Nov) evening, TikTok user @dm_ainz uploaded a video taken from within his vehicle as he passed through a visibly flooded Boon Lay Avenue.

Just past an entrance to River Valley High School, a TransCab taxi appeared to have gotten stranded in the water.

Source: @dm_ainz on TikTok

A man in a blue umbrella stood at the roadside, possibly the unfortunate taxi driver.

Meanwhile, Facebook user Hong Youlong (洪友龙) uploaded a now-deleted video showing a perspective from the bus stop across the road. Whether he was the one behind the camera is unclear.

Whoever it was seemed to be on a bicycle and had found himself partially submerged in brown waters filled with dirt and debris. In the video, the water level was so high that it nearly consumed the benches of the bus stop.

Source: 洪友龙 on Facebook

“How am I supposed to ride my bike in this flood?” the person recording complained out loud.

Meanwhile, the road and sidewalk appeared more like a really dirty swimming pool. Several waves even flowed in towards the bus stop and the cyclist behind the camera.

Source: 洪友龙 on Facebook

Passing cars splash water on cyclist

The cyclist also captured the same stranded red taxi on the other side of the road.

Source: 洪友龙 on Facebook

He then caught sight of several cars struggling to travel through the torrents.

They pushed forward at an agonisingly sluggish pace, the water nearly obscuring the headlights of one vehicle.

Source: 洪友龙 on Facebook

The cars pushed a wave of water around them as they drove, which then swept onto the bus stop and the cyclist.

Source: 洪友龙 on Facebook

Facebook user Long Zaiman Othman also uploaded a video, seemingly from the same perspective.

The video showed several cars making the slow journey down Boon Lay Avenue.

Source: Long Zaiman Othman on Facebook

On the other end of the road, more vehicles, including a bus, travelled through the waters on the submerged streets.

Source: Long Zaiman Othman on Facebook

PUB warns of flash flood risk

The PUB Twitter account actively updated on the flooding situation throughout the evening.

They advised the public to avoid several locations for the next hour because of the “risk of flash floods”.

Source: @PUBsingapore on X

These included Boon Lay Walk, Clementi Road, and Yuan Ching Road. There was also a risk alert for Jalan Boon Lay, right next to where the cyclist filmed.

PUB later released several more updates of areas to avoid before officially announcing a flash flood at Boon Lay Way and Corporation Road.

Source: @PUBsingapore on X

The agency stated that they deployed officers to the affected areas for assistance accordingly.

Around 4.03pm, they announced that the flood had subsided. News on the stranded taxi driver is unavailable at the time of writing.

However, we hope that he was okay and that nobody suffered any serious losses, damages or injuries.

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Featured image adapted from @dm_ainz on TikTok, 洪友龙 on Facebook & Long Zaiman Othman on Facebook.

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