Armed Man Outside Boon Lay Market Arrested Swiftly By Police

For many of us, our knowledge of Boon Lay goes barely beyond Boon Lay Power Nasi Lemak. Besides that, little is known about the estate located in the west.

Yet on Tuesday (1 Jan), Boon Lay played host to an epic confrontation between a man wielding multiple weapons and members of the Singapore Police Force (SPF).

Coincidentally, the incident took place near Boon Lay Market, where the famous nasi lemak store is located.

Here’s the video in full. We also break it down after the jump.

Confrontation outside Boon Lay Market

As the video begins, a man can be seen approaching a flight of concrete stairs with a wooden bat in one hand, and what seems like a smaller metallic weapon in the other.


One policeman armed with a transparent riot shield attempts to stop the man in his tracks, but to no avail.

2 cops dressed in full riot gear quickly join the fray, shouting repeatedly for the man to surrender his weapons.


Outnumbered, the man appears stunned by the appearance of more uniformed personnel.


They approach him swiftly, pinning him down. With their combined efforts, they proceed to promptly disarm the would-be assailant.


The man appears to resists their efforts briefly on the ground. But he proves no match for the two policemen restraining him.

Props to the cops involved  

MS News has contacted the police for more information regarding the incident.

Regardless, kudos to the cops involved who risked their lives on New Year’s Day so the rest of us get to enjoy the day off safely.

Featured image from Facebook and Facebook.