S’pore Seniors Above 60 & The Immunocompromised May Get Booster Vaccine Shots From Sep

Booster Vaccine Programme Commences For Select Groups In Singapore

As Singapore continues to report several hundred new Covid-19 cases daily, the need to build up protection for vulnerable groups becomes more urgent. And the answer to that lies in none other than booster vaccine shots, or a third dose.

In an update on Friday (3 Sep), the Ministry of Health (MOH) announced a booster vaccine programme which commences this month.


The programme will target specific groups that are at greater risk of severe illness from Covid-19.

Booster vaccine programme starts from Sep 2021

According to MOH, the programme will target the following subgroups in particular:

  • Moderately to severely immunocompromised persons
  • Seniors 60 years old and above
  • Residents of aged care facilities

Folks in question tend to have lower immune response even after their second dose, which places them at risk of severe illness from the virus.


Therefore, MOH recommends the following next steps for them:

  • The immunocompromised – to receive the 3rd dose of the same mRNA vaccine 2 months after their 2nd dose
  • Seniors above 60 – to receive a booster shot of the Pandemic Special Access Route (PSAR) mRNA vaccine 6 – 9 months after completing their vaccination regimen

Since the first batch of seniors has likely completed their second doses by March, they can qualify for the booster shot from this month, September 2021.

MOH will provide more specific details regarding the programme at a later date.

Vaccine coverage for seniors has expanded significantly

Additional doses aside, Singapore has made great strides in ensuring that the elderly population has received its protection.

MOH noted that 90% of seniors between 60 and 69 have received their vaccines.

The statistic is equally high for the 70 and above group, at 84%

Perhaps if this trend persists, we can eventually see more of the country’s population fully vaccinated and protected from the virus.

Help protect the vulnerable members of our society

While there has been no concrete proof yet that the vaccine is particularly effective, the proportion of vaccinated individuals testing positive being consistently smaller is noteworthy.

For individuals and families that may hesitate, this could be the point where they change their minds.

If you know anyone who may qualify for and benefit from this programme, do let them know about it.

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