7-Year-Old Boy Passes Away After Being Thrown To Ground 27 Times In Judo Class

7-Year-Old Taiwan Boy Passes Away After 70-Day Coma

Earlier in April, a tragedy involving a 7-year-old boy ensued at a Judo class in Taiwan.

Being on the receiving end of 27 shoulder throws, the boy suffered severe brain injuries and ended up in a vegetative state.

7-Year-Old In Coma After Judo Students Perform Shoulder Throw On Him, Coach Under Investigation

Despite over 70 days of continual treatment, the boy tragically succumbed to his injuries and passed away on Tuesday (29 Jun) evening.

Boy passes away after Judo class stunt

Following a nearly 3-month hospitalisation due to a brain haemorrhage, the boy’s parents reportedly agreed to take him off life support on Tuesday (29 Jun).

This comes after he spent over 70 days in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in a deep coma.


According to Central News Agency (CNA), the 7-year-old’s conditions had been worsening at Feng Yuan Hospital in Taichung City.

Dad rallies support for boy on social media

Prior to his passing, the 7-year-old’s parents frequently took to social media to rally support for their little boy.

Having just passed his birthday on 1 Jun, the boy’s father – Mr Huang – mentioned that his only wish was for his son to wake up again.

He also reminisced the happy times he spent with the 7-year-old Super Mario fan, and how he would always cheer his little boy on.


It is, therefore, heartbreaking that Mr Huang’s birthday wish will never come true.

Prosecution seeks stiffer penalties for unlicensed coach

In light of the 7-year-old’s grave injuries, his Judo coach was reportedly under investigation.

He’d apparently instructed others to throw the boy to the ground over 20 times despite him begging them to stop.

What’s more, investigations by the Chinese Taipei Judo Federation revealed that the coach didn’t have a valid license to conduct Judo training.

The public prosecution has since sued the Judo coach for causing harm to a child, resulting in grievous hurt.

According to CNA, the coach is now on bail for S$4,820 (TW$10,000).

RIP, little boy

The boy has our absolute respect for having soldiered on in the ICU for over 70 days.

We hope the authorities would get to the bottom of the case and issue due penalties to the responsible parties.

MS News extends our heartfelt condolences to the boy’s loved ones, and hope the little soldier rests in peace.

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Featured image adapted from United Daily News and Facebook.

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