S’porean Girl’s Boyfriend Looks Like TikTok CEO Chew Shou Zi, Internet Marvels At Resemblance

Girl’s Boyfriend In Singapore Is TikTok CEO Chew Shou Zi’s Doppelganger

Since testifying before the US Congress, TikTok’s CEO Chew Shou Zi has taken the Internet by storm. Besides impressing the public with his calm and mature responses, his good looks were also often talked about by netizens.

However, this girl in Singapore noticed that Shou looked strangely familiar. That was when she realised the famous TikTok CEO shares an uncanny resemblance with her boyfriend.

She posted a video on TikTok about her peculiar observations.


am i dating mr tik tok himself??! #shouchew #congress #tiktokceo

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Several netizens agreed with her, amazed by how similar they looked.

Boyfriend looks like younger version of TikTok CEO

The video begins with a picture of the TikTok CEO Mr Chew. The OP, Xuan, noted that she had been watching videos of Shou and was wondering why he looked so familiar.

Source: @lixuansh on TikTok

After this, she pans her camera towards her boyfriend, Jordan, to show his striking resemblance to Shou. From his eyes and even down to his smile, Jordan is practically Shou’s doppelganger.

Source: @lixuansh on TikTok

Since posting the video on TikTok, it has garnered over 1.4 million views.

Xuan told MS News that she found the resemblance “really funny and unbelievable”.

She also highlighted that friends and family members were the first to point out Jordan’s similarities to Mr Chew.

“I guess it’s because I see my boyfriend’s face so often that I didn’t see any similarities until people started telling us,” she related, adding that they’ve been together for three years.

Netizens equally bewildered by the uncanny resemblance

Netizens were just as amazed as Xuan by the resemblance between Jordan and Shou.

Source: @lixuansh on TikTok

One TikTok user even joked about how Xuan’s boyfriend is actually the famous TikTok CEO himself.

Source: @lixuansh on TikTok

Many netizens also called Jordan the “Shou Zi Chew from Shopee”.

Source: @lixuansh on TikTok

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Featured image adapted from @lixuansh on TikTok

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