S’porean Finds “Human-Like” Bones While Walking His Dog At Braddell, Police Have Cordoned Off Area

S’porean Netizen Finds Bones While Walking His Dog At Braddell

There are many bones to pick when it comes to griping about everyday life in Singapore. But this netizen’s chilling account, saw things take a more literal turn on a daily stroll with his doggo on Monday (29 Jul).

In a Facebook post by Mr Alan Lim, he shared that he uncovered some “human-like” bones in his neighbourhood. Here’s what he said in full.


Was walking his dog when they chanced upon bones

Mr Lim shares that he was taking his dog for a walk around the neighbourhood in Braddell when he stumbled upon a grisly discovery.


Some “human-like” bones, to be precise.

He immediately called the police, who arrived on the scene swiftly.

Bones may be too light to be authentic

Upon a cursory inspection, he claims that the cops thought the bones were “too light to be authentic”.

To verify this hypothesis, they summoned a “bone specialist” to the scene to conduct further analysis on the specimen.

Cordon set up, K-9 unit summoned

Now, a cordon area has been set up around the site of his find. Here’s the video of the police in action.

Mr Lim shares that a K-9 unit was summoned just an hour later to “sniff the area” just in case there were more bones like these.

He ends the post by quipping,

Who says Monday is boring. 🦴

Note the bone emoji for emphasis.

Netizens are extremely invested in the story

Netizens do seem extremely invested in Mr Lim’s story as commenters continue to speculate on reasons behind the unnerving discovery.

One person theorises that they could be leftover animal bones from someone’s feast.


Some compared the find to a real-life “CSI” moment, requesting for more live updates, stat.



Bone voyage on your doggy walks

We think that there could be multiple explanations as to why bones were located in the area that the netizen discovered.

Carbon-dating & DNA analysis in the forensics lab could also determine how long the bones have been there, and who they could belong to.

Hopefully, the reason will be far more mundane than tragic.

As for Mr Lim’s dog, we’d like to commend the impressive use of its nose. Surely it deserves a shot at making the K-9 squad too?


Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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