Brazil Rock Formation Falls Onto Tourist Boats, Tragedy Claims 10 Lives & Injures 32

10 Dead After Brazil Rock Formation Falls Onto Tourist Boats

UPDATE (10 Jan): The death toll is now at 10, according to BBC News.

As Vaccinated Travel Lanes open up globally, many take the opportunity to travel and go on holidays before the year properly kicks off.

On Sunday (8 Jan), in the Brazillian state of Minas Gerais, what started as a fun boat ride for many tourists soon turned into a tragedy.

A rock formation below a waterfall fell onto tourist boats at Furnas Lake. The devastating scene was captured on video, which has been circulating on social media.

The tragedy resulted in the loss of 7 lives. Another 9 were seriously injured, and at least 3 are still missing.

Rock formation falls onto 3 boats

On Sunday (8 Jan), part of the rock formation at Furnas Lake in Southeastern Brazil broke off a ravine and fell on boats carrying tourists.

A Twitter video captured minutes before the rock fell showed several people trying to warn others that “lots of stones are falling”.


According to The Straits Times (ST), they were heard asking other boats to move away from the rock wall.

In a video of the incident, at least 5 tourist boats can be seen in the lake as the rock formation starts falling.


Screams from panicking individuals erupted as the huge rock came crashing down onto 3 boats, causing a colossal splash.


7 dead & 32 wounded from incident

In the aftermath of the incident, rescue teams, including a dive squad and members of the Brazilian Navy, rushed to the lake, reported ST.

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On Saturday (8 Jan) night, at least 7 were reported dead by the Minas Gerais firefighters’ spokesperson.

32 people were wounded, including 9 who were seriously injured and had to be hospitalised.

Another 3 remain missing. However, rescue efforts stopped late on Saturday due to the lack of natural lighting.

According to CNN, the search will resume on Sunday at 5am Brazil time – i.e. 4pm Singapore time – and continue at least through Monday (10 Jan).

The Minas Gerais firefighters’ spokesperson added that certain situations might prolong the duration of rescue work, such as victims being trapped under the rock.

Rock loosened due to heavy rain

Lake Furnas is a popular tourist spot where many would flock to see the rock walls, caverns, and waterfalls surrounding the waters.

Recently, the state of Minas Gerais had been experiencing heavy rainfall, reported CNN.

Minas Gerais governor Romeu Zema said heavy rains had caused the rock to be loosened. On Twitter, he wrote that he stands in solidarity with the victims’ families at this difficult time.

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He assured that the state would continue to provide the necessary protection and support to them.

Condolences to friends &  family of the deceased

This is undoubtedly a tragic freak accident. We can only imagine the terror felt by those present in the lake at that time.

We wish the casualties a speedy recovery ahead.

MS News also sends our deepest condolences to the friends and family of the deceased.

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