Bubble Tea & Other Drink Shops Will Stay Closed On 2 Jun, May Need Weeks To Reopen

Bubble Tea & Beverage Shops To Stay Closed After ‘Circuit Breaker’ Ends On 1 Jun

Since ‘Circuit Breaker’ is officially ending on 1 Jun, you may be raring to enjoy everything you’ve missed for the past 2 months or so.

From catching up with friends to drinking bubble tea, you’ve probably got a long list going.


Unfortunately, we’d have to cut your ambitions short. Neither of those can happen anytime soon, especially not on 2 Jun.

Shops selling mainly drinks like bubble tea can’t open yet

If you’ve developed a strong willpower to resist your boba temptations, you may have to hang on to that a while more.

According to the Government’s gobusiness site, bubble tea shops are among businesses that can’t resume operation in Phase 1 post-‘Circuit Breaker’.

As they’re outlets “selling predominantly beverages”, they can’t open, unlike other establishments that offer wider menus.


These places, of course, can only offer takeaway or delivery services. Food caterers and canteens can also resume with providing food.

Measures tentative for Phase 1 after ‘Circuit Breaker’

The current restrictions only apply to Phase 1 after the lifting of ‘Circuit Breaker’ measures, and may be subject to changes.

Most likely, more F&B outlets including bubble tea shops can re-open once we enter Phase 2, when dining in at food places can start again.


But when that will happen is still dependent on ongoing developments like curbing infections, so we’ll have to wait.

Till the time comes, it looks like you’ll have to numb your BBT cravings, or find alternative options. There’s always delivery from certain shops, or better still, improving your cooking skills by making your own pearls.

Whatever your choice, BBT is always a want more than a need, so we’re sure you’ll get through this just fine.

Featured image adapted from Business Insider.

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