Bukit Batok HDB Lift Display Shows ‘$6’, S’poreans Joke That Elevators Now Have ERP Too

Malfunctioning Lift Display In Bukit Batok HDB Block Shows $6

We see the dollar sign almost everywhere on a daily basis, whether we’re ordering food online or shopping for groceries.

One place we would not expect to see the dollar sign though, is on the display of a lift.

Recently, a keen-eyed observer spotted the $6 on the digital display of an HDB lift in Bukit Batok.

Upon seeing it, Singaporeans were quick to crack jokes, with many quipping that elevators are now charging Electronic Road Pricing (ERP).

Display in lift of Bukit Batok HDB shows $6, then simply $

Earlier today (1 Jun), a user submitted a photo of a peculiar lift display to the Instagram account @sgfollowsall.

On it was the number six next to a dollar sign, flanked by two upward-facing arrows.

Bukit Batok lift $6

Source: @sgfollowsall on Instagram

From that, one can infer that the lift was heading up to the sixth floor.

According to the caption, the lift is situated in Block 239 Bukit Batok East Avenue 5.

The dollar sign appeared to be an error, as the user also included a photo of the lift display with only the dollar symbol.

Singaporeans take humorous guesses at what $6 sign in lift means

Before long, Singaporeans in the comments section gave their wittiest takes on what the $6 meant.

A majority of commenters quipped that this means elevators are now charging ERP.

Bukit Batok lift $6

Source: Instagram

Similarly, another user theorised that residents must now pay $6 to ride the elevator.

Source: Instagram

Another commenter joked that this is what happens when a loan shark does a computer science internship.

Source: Instagram

Display error prompts humorous responses from Singaporeans

All this light-hearted discourse around the $6 display makes us glad we don’t actually have to pay to ride lifts, at least for now.

Hopefully, the malfunction will be fixed in no time, to prevent any further confusion.

In the meantime, the odd sight is indeed worth a chuckle.

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Featured image adapted from @sgfollowsall on Instagram.

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