Bukit Batok Pasar Malam Has Grilled King Mushrooms & Brown Sugar Bubble Tea Till 29 May

Bukit Batok Pasar Malam Outside West Mall

Singaporeans, regardless of age, have one thing in common — a love for pasar malams.

If you’re a westie who’s jelly about all the pasar malams in the East, there’s one in Bukit Batok offering hipster food such as grilled king mushrooms and brown sugar bubble tea from now till 29 May.


Taiwanese grilled mushrooms

Those who love grilled king mushrooms commonly seen in Taiwan night markets can get them at the food fair and save on the travel fare.


Craving something Mediterranean? This stall allows you to have kebab with your carb-of-choice.


If you want something more atas, there’s also a Japanese takoyaki stall that sells a wide variety of Japanese food, including salmon pizzas.


Old-school Singaporean favourites

Pasar malams in Singapore have been evolving to include more hipster food nowadays — not that we’re complaining, given the wider variety of choices.

However, it’s still great to go back to our old-school favourites once in a while.

This stall sells 7 flavours of tutu kueh, with a cute giant kueh plushie hanging at the front.


Singapore’s weather may be hot and sticky, but some of us will still crave piping hot sweet potato balls — we just can’t help it.


Beverages to beat the heat

If you’re feeling thirsty from all the food, there’re also various stalls selling beverages at the pasar malam.

Brown sugar milk tea is all the hype among bubble tea fanatics now, and this KECHA vendor has 5 variations of it for you to try.


You can even get to watch the staff stir-fry the pearls right in front of you while you take in the aromatic smell of brown sugar.

This Thai beverage stall offers various flavours such as Thai iced tea and bandung, and even allows you to mix flavours to arrive at a concoction of your choice.


There’s also bird’s nest drinks sold in both bottled and cup forms for those craving an atas drink.


If the above stalls aren’t to your liking, this drinks stall has a wide variety of drinks, including the most refreshing one of them all — sugarcane juice.


Between West Mall & Bukit Batok MRT

The food fair is conveniently located at the open space between West Mall and Bukit Batok MRT.

If you’re feeling FOMO from not attending the Geylang Serai Bazaar due to the insane crowds, why not give this pasar malam a visit?

Location: Open space outside West Mall
Address: West Mall, 1 Bukit Batok Central Link, Singapore 658713
Date: 16 May-29 May
Time: 11am-11pm

So head on down to Bukit Batok and let the feast begin – you’ll just need to watch out for the size of your tummies upon leaving.

Featured image from Singapore Night Bazaar on Facebook and Facebook.

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