Bukit Panjang Hawker Centre & Market Sees Poor Business

Many Singaporeans often visit the hawker centre and market near their house for their daily meals and groceries.

But for those staying near the Bukit Panjang Hawker Centre and Market, they may see fewer options as many stall owners are expressing their desires to cease operations due to poor business.


Many store owners felt that the reduction in footfall was due to the closure of a minimart nearby.

Reduced human traffic

The Bukit Panjang Hawker Centre and Market first opened in Dec 2015, offering affordable food and fresh produce.

But business has not been smooth sailing for these stall owners recently.

On Monday (11 Mar), Lianhe Zaobao reported that following the closure of a minimart on the same floor named The Pasar Store, human traffic to the market has reduced considerably.


The minimart on the second floor was closed in Oct 2018. Since then, fewer people patronised the adjacent wet market as well.

Poor business at wet market

The reduced footfall has affected businesses in the wet market, with some reportedly losing sales of up to 50%.

Shin Min reporters who went down to the market on Sunday observed that only 6 out of the 14 stalls were open.

One stall owner claimed that since the closure of the minimart, his usual customers stopped coming as they had fewer options at the market.

These customers have chosen to patronise other markets where they can purchase all their groceries at one go.

Another stall helper also shared that business can get so poor that they can’t even withdraw a day’s worth of pay.

Hawkers informed beforehand

One spokesperson from NTUC Foodfare – which manages the market – told Shin Min that they had informed all the stall owners beforehand about the minimart’s closure.

Despite receiving news of the closure, these hawkers reportedly extended their leases till April this year.

Management seeks to rejuvenate the area

When interviewed, NTUC Foodfare shared plans to rejuvenate the market, and will continue to host events and workshops in order to attract customers.

These include weekend flea markets and handicraft workshops for families with young children.

Let’s hope the management’s rejuvenation efforts will succeed in drawing back crowds so residents can continue enjoying what the centre has to offer!

Featured image from PHOTOGRAPHER VANS.