Bukit Timah Cave Has Gigs So Secret, You’re Blindfolded & Driven There

Bukit Timah Cave Hosts Secret Performances In The Woods

How do you take the underground music scene to a whole new level?


The Kave HQ is a hole-in-the-wall establishment that hosts guerilla music performances at a top-secret location. It seems to be in the woods of Bukit Timah, but no one knows the exact address, even its regular customers.

Sounds like an interesting place to jam all-night long? Here’s what you can expect.

Blindfolded in a vintage Volkswagon

Getting to Kave HQ’s hidden location involves meeting-up with other guests at a gathering point and waiting for an old-school beetle for pick-up.


Expect to be blindfolded with cute sleeping eye masks to ensure absolute secrecy.

Don’t worry because you have your best buds to keep you company.


You could try to sneak a peek along the ride, but it’s no fun without a little mystery


Once you arrive, you’ll meet up with like-minded enthusiasts and be transported to the 80s-inspired underground music scene.


Good ‘ol music & chill vibes

Kave HQ promises good ol’ independent local acts, chill vibes and beer. It’s a special space where lovers of music and talented artistes can jam with a young and lively crowd.


Their lineup includes a resident band ‘The Kavemen’, Disco Hue, Sobshaha among many other artists in Asia’s indie pop scene.


The atmosphere isn’t complete without audiences dressing the part.

During the Halloween season, participants turned up in wacky costumes like shiny aliens and Spirited Away ghouls.


Of course, we don’t think it’s weird at all to sip beers with your alien-headed friend.


Those without wacky costumes will be pleased to know that they can turn up in an 80s outfit like colourful spandex, headbands, Madonna costumes & more.

Your group selfie will definitely feel like a blast to the past.


Private weddings & quirky photoshoots

Kave HQ is also an alternative location for millennials looking to tie the knot at an indie wedding setting.


Upon making your reservation, the place will undergo a complete transformation featuring rose garlands and a mini-altar — making it a perfect destination to declare your vows in front of your loved ones.


Fans of vintage vans will also be pleased to note that couples can immortalise their intimate moments inside one, via quirky photoshoots.


Jingle Dingle all the way

How do you get a ticket to their next gig?

A special Christmas edition show on 21 Dec will feature independent local acts like Marc & Hashy, Gareth Fernandez, and DJ Ritz playing classic festive tunes.


There’ll also be sips and nosh for the good and naughty. We’re talking Christmas Tarik cocktails and hearty beef stew!

A special surprise awaits the best dressed, so do come as an elf, reindeer or snowman — the crazier costumes the better. Gift exchanges are welcomed in the form of songs, dances and booze.

You can book tickets to Jingle Dingle at Eventbrite. There are only 80 tickets available, so grab your tickets now. A ticket costs $38/pax but it’ll cost $32/pax for the first 50!

A ticket includes the following:

  • 1 Entrance ticket
  • 1 ‘Christmas Tarik’ welcome drink
  • 1 welcome gift
For other queries, message Kave HQ on Facebook or slide into their DMs on Instagram.
Date & Time: Friday (21 Dec), 8-11.30pm
Meeting point: The Grandstand Shuttle Pick Up Point (Carpark outside Giant)
Pick up timings: 7:15-7:45pm
Contact: thekavehq@gmail.com

Now it’s time to jio your friends to join the underground music scene or convince them to celebrate their wedding day at top secret venue.

Featured image from Instagram.

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