Bus Driver Is Regular Customer At Yishun Jewellery Shop

The Key Opinion Leader (KOL) market has taken flight over recent years, as more users consume content on social media.

In recent days, however, an unlikely ‘influencer’ has emerged in Singapore and some of us might have even seen him around — a fully pimped-up SBS Transit bus driver.

SBS Driver Decked Out In Gold Jewellery Eats Cai Png, Netizens Consider Career Switch

On Wednesday (24 Feb), the Yishun jewellery shop where he apparently purchased his bling from has now identified itself, with their post going viral overnight.


Some netizens even joked that the bus driver is a walking advertisement for the shop.

Yishun shop shares pictures of bus driver picking out jewellery

On Wednesday (24 Feb), Ngee Soon Jewellery shared on Facebook that the SBS bus driver who shot to fame was in fact, their regular customer.


The shop, located at Block 846 Yishun Ring Road, even shared some photos of the bus driver trying on some gold chains.

Bus driver jewellery shopSource

As usual, the bus driver looked snazzy and even took off his shades for a picture!

Bus driver jewellery shopSource

That’s some real celebrity stuff right there.

Netizens joke the bus captain is shop’s advertisement

Ngee Soon Jewellery’s Facebook post of the bus captain quickly went viral, garnering over 2,000 shares and 200 comments within just one day.

Some netizens even joked that the bus captain was the shop’s walking advertisement.

This netizen hinted that with the amount of publicity the bus driver is getting, he should be paid for helping to promote the shop.


Another Facebook user also tried to help the driver bag a sponsorship deal, asking the shop to sponsor him a necklace.


Some even said that they’ll drop by the shop soon.

Bus driver jewellery shopSource

The newest ‘influencer’ in town certainly has ‘game’, with a few other netizens also saying they’ll bring their loved ones down to check out the shop.

Gained attention for his gold jewellery

The bus captain first gained attention when a photo was shared online showing him decked-out in gold jewellery.

Bus driver jewellery shopSource

After all, it’s not every day that you encounter a bus driver with such ‘loud’ dressing.

Embracing his newfound celebrity status

The bus captain seems to be embracing his newfound celebrity status, taking it all in his stride.

He certainly has a unique way of dressing, managing to stand out even though his line of work requires donning a uniform.

We definitely hope he keeps on rocking that swaggy look.

Who knows? Maybe in time to come, he’ll truly bag a sponsorship deal with the shop he frequents.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.