‘Bus Resort’ To Open At Changi Village In 2023, Comprises 20 Retired SBS Buses

Changi Village Bus Resort Will Have Well-Furnished Rooms With Exterior BBQ Area

After many years of plying Singapore’s roads, some of our public buses will inevitably have to be retired.

However, it may be a waste to scrap them.

Thus, travel agency WTS Travel came up with the idea to convert 20 decommissioned buses into a new ‘Bus Resort’ in Changi Village.

Image courtesy of WTS Travel

It’s slated to open in April 2023.

Bus Resort will be next to Changi Village Hawker Centre

The tentatively named ‘Bus Resort’ will be next to Changi Village Hawker Centre.

That means not only will it be near shops and food outlets, but it’ll also be conveniently located next to Changi East Boardwalk, Changi Beach Park and the Changi Point Ferry Terminal, which offers access to Pulau Ubin by boat.

The 8,600 square metre (sq m) site is currently an empty piece of state land.

Source: Google Maps

20 buses turned into well-furnished rooms

Making up the Bus Resort will be 20 retired buses bought from SBS Transit. They will be repurposed into rooms of about 28 sqm in size.

To allay any fears, WTS Travel gave the assurance that guests wouldn’t feel like they’re on a bus, as the rooms are well-furnished — including having a bathtub.

Image courtesy of WTS Travel

A feature that might interest potential guests is that each room will have a 15 sqm exterior area with a BBQ pit, much like a chalet.

Image courtesy of WTS Travel

The resort will also have a space for activities like pilates and yoga.

Guests can expect to pay S$300 to S$400 per night for a room.

Resort is part of East Coast Plan

Dr Maliki Osman, an MP for East Coast GRC, said at the groundbreaking ceremony on Sunday (Aug 28) that the Bus Resort was a “unique project”.

Not only does it show that new developments can be sustainable, but it’s also a wonderful opportunity to rejuvenate Changi Point, TODAY quoted him as saying.

He added that making the constituency more vibrant is part of the “East Coast Plan initiative”, which also includes using some of these activities and initiatives to profile the “green plan”.

Source: WTS Travel & Tours Pte Ltd on Facebook

For environmentalists concerned about the project’s carbon footprint, Dr Maliki assured them that the mature trees in the land earmarked for the resort won’t be cut down.

He explained that the resort wouldn’t affect the animals and ecosystem either, but enhance them.

Novel experience for guests

When it opens, the Bus Resort will surely be a novel experience for guests seeking a unique vacay.

More importantly, it also gives retired buses a new lease of life by upcycling them.

It’s an effective way to teach Singaporeans that even old stuff has its uses if you think creatively.

Will you book a room at the Bus Resort when it opens? Do share your experience with us if you do.

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Featured image courtesy of WTS Travel.

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