Realistic Cabbage Umbrella In Japan Will Fool Even The Most Seasoned Auntie At The Supermarket

Koncent Japan Has Cabbage Umbrellas That Look A Lot Like The Real Deal

April Fool’s Day has come and gone but there are always opportunities for light-hearted pranks for the fam. Those eager to pull another comedic stunt should set their eyes on this fascinating product from Japan.

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Koncent Japan has launched a cabbage umbrella that looks just like the real thing when folded.

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The next time you visit the supermarket you can sneakily add it to the basket to fool your moms and aunties.

Prank aunties with cabbage umbrella

This cabbage umbrella appears to be a genuine vegetable that you’ll find in the supermarket.

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With the wrinkled leaves and yellowish-green hue, we bet even vendors may have a hard time distinguishing this version from the edible ingredient.


Place it in your pantry or basket and watch your auntie’s expression change upon realising that it’s actually not a vegetable.


Green umbrella with wrinkled ‘leaves’

Besides being useful for pranks, this intriguing product is also practical. Even if you use it regularly, the cabbage-like frills and wrinkles won’t fade.

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Apparently, the texture of the fabric is even inspired by the structure of the leaves.

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As a result, it can repel water during rainy days or serve as an effective shield from the sun during fair weather.


Available for purchase on Rakuten Japan

The cabbage umbrella from Rakuten is currently retailing for S$60.50 (¥4,950).


It is also available on the Koncent Japan website at the same price.


To get it shipped to your doorstep, we recommend using vPost’s service which lets you shop for high-quality merchandise from Japan.


Impress aunties with a cabbage umbrella

Our mums and aunties often feed us with nutritious vegetables, so they’ll likely appreciate this creative cabbage umbrella.

A light-hearted prank never fails to put a smile on our faces. Perhaps you can even fool a few commuters when carrying it around on public transport.

Will you trick your fam with these cabbage umbrellas? Let us know in the comments below.

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Featured image adapted from Rakuten

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