Customer Laments S$16 Cai Png At Marina Bay Sands Food Court As They Thought It’d Be The Cheapest Option

Man Complains About S$16 Cai Png At Marina Bay Sands

UPDATE (12 Mar): Koufu, which owns Rasapura Food Hall, has investigated the matter and given the tenant a penalty for providing an insufficient food portion. You can find the rest of their statement below.

Due to their advantageous location, certain eateries in Singapore may offer pricier dining options than others. Unfortunately, such pricing may not be to everyone’s taste.

This was the case recently when someone found that their cai png from a food court at Marina Bay Sands (MBS) cost S$16.

Netizens have since pointed out that the expense was due to the location they purchased the meal at.

Man’s cai png from Marina Bay Sands food court has 3 sides

Posting to Reddit on 6 Mar, the OP shared that they purchased a costly plate of cai png from Rasapura Masters Food Court in MBS.

Source: Reddit

Their meal consisted of rice, long green beans, a serving of meat, scrambled eggs, and three pieces of squid.

In the comments, they stated that they’d been roaming around the food court for a while before opting for the cai png, thinking it would be cheaper.

To their dismay, the meal was far too expensive, with the total bill coming up to S$16. Despite being just three pieces, the squid cost S$6 to S$8.

Redditors explain costly price

The post has since attracted a lot of attention on Reddit, with many noting that the cost was far too high.

One netizen noted that at S$16, customers would ordinarily be able to get 3 plates of cai png.

Source: Reddit

They also pointed out that the serving of squid had probably caused the price of the meal to spike.

Agreeing with the conclusion, the OP described it as a lesson learnt for them.

Source: Reddit

Another user recommended going for other food options in the food court instead of cai png.

Source: Reddit

They stated that footing S$16 for such a meal was not worth it.

Not all of the netizens sympathised with the OP, though. One argued that being in town, a meal at Rasapura Food Court would naturally have a higher price tag.

Source: Reddit

Despite the differing opinions, one consensus remained — that the poor OP had forked out far too much for the meal.

Of course, such experiences aren’t unique to MBS. Food courts in other locations have been known to charge exorbitant prices, with a plate of biryani racking up a bill of S$29 back in January.

Tenant receives penalty for incident

In response to MS News‘ queries, a Koufu spokesperson said they investigated the incident immediately after seeing the post.

“The pricing reflected on the menu is correct however the portion given is too little,” they said. After meeting with the tenant and their staff, they have given them a penalty to ensure such an incident will not arise again.

“We are also reaching out to the customer to thank the customer for the feedback and to see what other further assistance we can provide,” the team added.

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