Car Falls Into Drain In M’sia & Gets Swept Away, Man Jumps In To Rescue 2 Women

Man In Malaysia Jumps Into Drain To Rescue 2 Women Swept Away With Their Car

A brave man in Malaysia recently reminded everyone that there is still selflessness left in the world when he jumped into a drain to rescue two women.

The women had lost control of their car, which plummeted into the waters and got swept away.

One clung to a drain pipe while another gripped onto the vehicle. Several passers-by ran over, including the man who jumped right in to help.

With the help of the public, the man managed to rescue the two women.

He attributed it to his physical and mental strength from exercise.

Car falls into drain in Malaysia

Facebook group Orang Kota – Tinggi uploaded the short 14-second video, which shows a car being swept along inside a deep drain with a woman clinging onto it.

Oriental Daily reported that the incident occurred on Sunday (7 Jan). A 37-year-old driver lost control of her car and crashed into the drain.

The driver and her 43-year-old passenger ended up getting swept away by the raging waters alongside the vehicle.

Source: Orang Kota – Tinggi on Facebook

One of the women managed to cling onto a drain pipe.

The other, however, had to hold desperately onto the rear windshield wiper of the car as it continued to be swept away.

Several passers-by witnessed the accident and went over to help.

According to China Press, one of them, 58-year-old Zhou Renzhong (transliterated from Mandarin), jumped in to help without a second thought.

car drain malaysia

Source: Orang Kota – Tinggi on Facebook

Seeing that one woman was no longer in immediate danger, he swam and caught hold of the woman clinging to the car.

Source: Orang Kota – Tinggi on Facebook

Mr Zhou helped her to the side of the drain, where she grabbed onto an unseen object to avoid being swept away once more.

car drain malaysia

Source: Orang Kota – Tinggi on Facebook

Good Samaritan did not suffer any injuries himself

A short distance downstream, the Good Samaritan also grabbed onto the side of the drain.

“Are you all right?” the cameraman asked him in Chinese as the video ended.

While we don’t see how they got out, Mr Zhou said the other bystanders provided assistance.

The driver did not sustain injuries but her passenger ended up with minor wounds and had to go to the hospital.

As for their car, it ended up falling into a lower section and getting stuck.

The police urged the public to drive safely and abide by traffic rules. It also shared that investigations are ongoing.

Source: China Press

When spoken to, Mr Zhou simply expressed gratitude he could rescue the woman quickly and avoid tragedy.

He also felt relieved that he suffered no injuries in the process.

Rescuer attributes energy to exercise

At the age of 58, Mr Zhou is a strong swimmer and has participated in climbing challenges.

car drain malaysia

Source: China Press

These experiences allowed him the physical and mental strength to rescue the women.

Mr Zhou’s friend felt proud that he did not even think twice about his own safety to jump in.

Fast-moving currents can be deceptively difficult, even for strong swimmers, so Mr Zhou was risking his own life by rescuing the two women.

“If you lose money, you can earn it back again. But if you lose your life, there’s no second chance,” he said.

A similar incident occurred in Bedok Reservoir Canal when some men spent 20 minutes rescuing a stranded cat.

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Featured image adapted from Oriental Daily, Orang Kota – Tinggi on Facebook, and China Press.

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