M’sia Car Ad Goes Viral For Hilariously Terrible Photos, Seller Uploads Legit Listing Later

Malaysian Car Advertisement Features Hilariously Terrible Photos

Car advertisements and commercials are known for featuring polished, well-lit images of the vehicles that highlight their sleek body and immaculate interior.

However, one Malaysian car advertisement has gone completely against the norm.

In a bid to sell a Honda Civic, Facebook user Robert Liew posted a series of photos that were all extremely blurry and unfocused.

Source: Facebook

As it turns out, Liew may have done it as a novel way to drum up attention for the car.

Since then, he has uploaded another post with proper photos of the automobile.

Car advertisement features 15 badly taken photos

On Friday (10 Jun), Malaysian Facebook user Robert Liew posted about a Honda Civic for sale with not one, not two, but 15 hilariously terrible photos.

car advertisement bad photos

Source: Facebook

With how blurry the images look, it’s safe to say they are objectively bad.

In fact, without the caption, it would be difficult to even make out what the model of the car is.

car advertisement bad photos

Source: Facebook

Pictures of the car’s exterior are unfocused, and look like they were shot by a kid with a smartphone on a sugar high.

Source: Facebook

The ones of its interior are no better, as one can barely tell it’s the inside if not for a glimpse of the dashboard and steering wheel.

Advertisement’s odd caption hints at it being a hoax

The chaos of the ad doesn’t end at the photos, as the caption appears to be equally tongue-in-cheek.

After stating the make of the car, Liew goes on to list its ‘attractive features’.

  • Phone Number R-27625
  • Mugen Tail Lights
  • Blitz Throttle Controller
  • Carrozzeria Player

The post has since gone viral, with over 1,300 comments and 8,100 shares.

People had a field day in the comments, with many taking a light-hearted dig at the quality of the photos.

One user believed the blurriness of the photos meant the car was too speedy to be photographed clearly.

car advertisement bad photos

Source: Facebook

Another commenter tagged his friend in a sarcastic comment on how well the photos displayed the car’s condition.

car advertisement bad photos

Source: Facebook

One user gave a humorous suggestion to the original poster (OP) to shake the camera a little to make the photos even more blurry.

Source: Facebook

Another individual wondered if the photos were shot while the OP was in the midst of an earthquake.

car advertisement bad photos

Source: Facebook

Car advert with proper photos has been uploaded

Liew has since posted a more conventional advertisement of the car, implying that the previous post was a clever tactic to generate publicity.

Source: Facebook

The photos this time round feature the Honda Civic in a far more flattering light, with strategic angles and elegant lighting to show off the sports car.

While the original post may have been a joke, the car for sale isn’t.

In the caption, the OP states that (the car) ‘seriously needs a new home though’, and lists the price as well as his contact number.

A quick glance at his profile reveals that he works at First Mile Auto Sdn Bhd, a car dealer.

His profile intro also features a cheeky nod at his claim to fame, stating ‘I’m apparently now known as the hilariously terrible photographer’.

Creative way to grab attention

Given how much attention this car advertisement has gotten, we would not be surprised if it sparks a new selling trend among salesmen.

Whether it’s a tactic or not, the humorous photos have certainly given many people something to laugh about.

Although we aren’t world-class photographers like these experts, this gives us some comfort that our photography skills aren’t the worst out there.

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Featured image adapted from Robert Liew on Facebook.

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