Carousell Suspends Keyboard Warrior Who Made Rude Remarks Towards Buyer On Platform

Carousell Suspends User For Rude Remarks Made On Platform

Carousell is a marketplace that can either be a haven for trading or plain annoying due to weird behaviour from both buyers and sellers.

One such keyboard warrior antagonised a buyer with several rude remarks, and the buyer eventually met him in real life to confront him.

S’pore Man Schools Young Keyboard Warrior IRL After Getting Rude Replies On Carousell

In a video recorded by the buyer, the seller apologised profusely for his words.

Carousell has taken the step to suspend the seller from the platform as his behaviour violates their community guidelines, they said on Thursday (4 Jun).

Carousell suspends keyboard warrior who made rude remarks

A Carousell spokesperson told MS News that the user has been suspended from the platform for violating community guidelines.

His messages had contained profanities and offensive behaviour.


They said they are committed to maintaining a safe and conducive environment for everyone on the platform.

If anyone experiences a similar issue, they advised users to report the listing or the user for Carousell to take immediate action.


The full statement from the spokesperson is as follows:

Carousell does not condone offensive behaviour of any kind, including the use of profanities. The seller’s
behaviour violates our community guidelines and we have since suspended the seller. We care about our
community and are committed to maintaining a safe and conducive environment for everyone to sell and

Your experience on Carousell is extremely important to us. Should you encounter a similar issue, please
click on the listing and select ‘Report Listing’, or click on the user and click ‘Report User’ so that we can
take immediate action. We are committed to investing in and improving our marketplace capabilities to
provide a safe and trusted environment for both buyers and sellers to transact.

Keep online spaces safe for everyone

With many of us interacting heavily online with others, it can be easy to forget that we’re dealing with humans on the other end of the screen.

Giving people respect online is no less important than doing so in real life.

So to avoid being schooled IRL or suspended from platforms like Carousell, do ensure your tone is always respectful and avoid offensive behaviour.

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