7 Underground Talks About S’porean Fetishes, Fat-Shaming & Working In North Korea

Think TED talks, except Singaporean edition.

Bukit Batok Wanton Mee Legend Passes Away But Netflix Honours His Legacy In New...

He didn't live to see his Netflix debut in April.

North Sentinel Island Is Getting Thousands Of Troll Reviews On Google

Google might actually be wrong.

Singapore Sakura Season Returns As Stunning Pink Flowers Bloom Islandwide

Heralding spring in the heartlands.

Thai Dancer Goes For Cosmetic Surgery 30 Times To Achieve Desired Oppa Look

This oppa spent S$12,500 on 30 procedures.

M’sian Artist Illustrates 8 Hilarious Ways How Godzilla Stands In 3600m-Deep Sea With Only...

How to make Godzilla taller than he already is.

Woman Hatches Balut Egg, Now Has Adorable Pet Duck & Endless Egg Supply

They watch Netflix movies & listen to Spotify music together now.


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