Veteran S’pore Actor Bai Yan Will Celebrate 100th Birthday With Over 100 Artistes On...

He spent 80 years in the entertainment industry.

Netizens Unite To Find Missing Sheltie From Platinium Dogs Club Saga

He responds to Prince and was last seen at Hillview Avenue.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Naomi Neo [SM Spotlight 01]

You may know her name, but how much do you know about her? SM Spotlight is a new MustShareNews series where we put the spotlight on popular social media celebrities in Singapore. Following reports on Tan Jian Hao and his six figure annual income, we divert the lime light to his equally successful...

S’porean Makes FB Camera Filter That Shows Entire MRT Map With Your EZ-Link Card

Don't need to keep Googling for the MRT map any more.

7 Underground Talks About S’porean Fetishes, Fat-Shaming & Working In North Korea

Think TED talks, except Singaporean edition.

Bukit Batok Wanton Mee Legend Passes Away But Netflix Honours His Legacy In New...

He didn't live to see his Netflix debut in April.

North Sentinel Island Is Getting Thousands Of Troll Reviews On Google

Google might actually be wrong.

Singapore Sakura Season Returns As Stunning Pink Flowers Bloom Islandwide

Heralding spring in the heartlands.


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