Illegal For Companies To Photocopy NRICs & Collect IDs From 1 Sep 2019

Still need to bring NRIC for new phone lines.

Couple Nearly Fined At S’pore Customs Under New GST Relief Rule Seeks To Raise...

Travellers returning to Singapore, do take note.

24 Years After His Caning, Michael Fay Has A Beard And Is A Casino...

Michael Fay Seems To Be Doing Okay, 24 Years After His Caning Fiasco Michael Fay was like any other clean-cut, good looking 19-year-old -- until he ran into trouble with the law in Singapore in the early 1990s. His caning here sent ripples around the world: after all, it wasn’t everyday...

20 Years Later, Annabel Chong Is A Successful Software Engineer

Still as hardcore as ever.

S’porean Claims Friend Died After M’sian Hospital Wanted Payment; Later Retracts Comment

S'porean Man's Friend Claimed Johor's Largest Hospital Didn't Provide Treatment Unless Paid Upfront 3rd Sep 2017 update: Our original story was based on the comments by the victim's friend, Joshua De Rozario. He was there at the scene and his comments were published by STOMP. Joshua later appeared to have backtracked...

Capital 21 Mall In JB Is A Mess, Despite Opening Officially On 17 Oct

The highly anticipated Capital 21 mall officially opened its doors to the public on 17 Oct. But the interior fell disappointly short of our expectations.

12 Heng Swee Keat Facts To Know Your Potential Prime Minister Better

He seems to favour brown Batik shirts.

The 6 Changes To Singapore’s Education System MOE Announced Today

Singapore's Education System To Go Through Major Restructuring The recent "Life Beyond Grades" movement is the latest to tackle the issue of Singapore's excessive emphasis on grades. And after years of pleas from parents and teachers, it seems that the Ministry of Education is finally giving in. On Friday (28 Sep), MOE...


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