Catholic Church In S’pore Urges Acceptance Of LGBTQ Community As Pink Dot Approaches

Roman Catholic Archdiocese Singapore Supports LGBTQ Community

In most cases, those belonging to religious institutions and the members of the LGBTQ community barely see eye to eye. In a somewhat conservative society like Singapore, the disparity is ever so evident.

However, on Wednesday (26 Jun), Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Singapore uploaded a post on their verified Instagram page in support of the LGBTQ community.


The post very humbly and eloquently expressed support for homosexual individuals, and included hashtags such as #pinkdotsg and #pride in support of the Pink Dot event happening this Saturday (29 Jun).

Accept not condone emphasised that their faith doesn’t condone homosexual acts and instead seeks to accept anyone in whichever situation of their life as ‘beloved children of God’.

we are not to shun anyone with same-sex attraction or gender dysphoria,

They also shared that although they believe strongly in their faith, they frowned upon the idea of forcing it on others.

imposing our agenda upon that person or condemning them when s/he does not do as we wish.

Most netizens were also welcoming to the message shared.


The instagram post now has over 1,500 likes and 70 comments.

Putting humanity first

For a religious institution to come forth and stand up against discrimination on the basis of gender is truly worthy of applause.


As Pink Dot approaches, we hope that messages like these will inspire others to shift their perspectives about the LGBTQ community in Singapore.

We’re all humans after all.

Featured image from Capital Pride Alliance.

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