Car On Johor-S’pore Causeway Changes Lane Abruptly & Crashes Into Bus, ICA Officers Attend To Incident

Car Crashes Into Bus After Abrupt Lane Change At Johor-Singapore Causeway

When travelling on unfamiliar roads, it’s advisable for motorists to drive slowly in case they need to amend their route at the last minute. An accident that took place along the Johor-Singapore Causeway on Thursday (9 Jun) illustrated the importance of such a practice.

Presumably to avoid driving into the motorcycle lane, the driver of the vehicle changed lanes without checking their blind spots.

The quick lane change sent the car colliding head-on with a bus and into the road divider.

A motorcyclist was also thrown off his motorcycle when the road divider crashed into the bike.

Personnel from The Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) were seen at the scene attending to the aftermath of the accident.

Car crashes into bus after abrupt lane change along Causeway

On Friday (10 Jun), footage started circulating on social media showing a grey Honda crashing into a bus after changing lanes abruptly.

According to the timestamp of the footage, the incident happened on Thursday (9 Jun).

Having gone through the Malaysian customs, the Honda was making its way towards Singapore on the Causeway.

As the lane divider became more visible, the driver presumably had the sudden realisation that they were on the motorcycle lane.

To correct this mistake, the driver made an abrupt right turn.

Source: Zack Kushi on Facebook

Unfortunately, the driver hadn’t taken other vehicles around them under consideration and crashed into a bus.

The collision subsequently ‘bounced’ off the sides of the bus, sending it straight into the lane divider.

Source: Zack Kushi on Facebook

Some of the plastic road dividers flew in the direction of an innocent motorcyclist, flinging them off their motorcycle.

Clearly unamused, the motorcyclist stood up and raised his arm, complaining about the driver’s mistake.

Source: Zack Kushi on Facebook

The footage ends with traffic on all three lanes brought to a standstill after the bizarre sequence of events.

ICA officials attending to case

A commuter who was travelling along the Causeway managed to snap pictures of the aftermath and shared them on Facebook.

Source: Facebook

In the picture, ICA officers can be seen attending to the incident.

It seems as though they were collecting evidence, with pockets of officers in discussion while others snapped photos of the wreckage.

MS News has contacted ICA for a statement on the matter and will update this article accordingly when they get back.

Pay attention to road signs along the Causeway

Having to interact with foreign visitors on a frequent basis, ICA personnel must have seen many confused drivers getting into the wrong lanes during their days.

While it’s hard to confirm what was going through the driver’s mind at the time, we hope this incident serves as a reminder for motorists to be careful whenever they’re on unfamiliar roads.

We also hope that nobody was injured as a result of this incident, and wish them a swift and smooth recovery.

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