11 Celebrity Couples Who Also Broke Our Hearts When They Broke Up

Mommy, it’s over!

They were like the reincarnate of Romeo and Juliet and once seemed like they would even drink poison for love.

Okay, maybe not that dramatic, but they were the couple you thought would last forever and restored your faith in love. You looked through tons of blissful photos of them and think to yourself “ah, so this is what happily ever after looks like”.

Alas, your world came crashing down when they broke up and you cried along with them.

Here are 11 couples who broke our hearts when they broke up.

1. Michelle Chia and Shaun Chen 


One of local TV’s most recognisable couples, the two got married in 2009 after six years of courtship. The wedding was even televised live on Channel 8.

In 2011, their short-lived marriage ended as both confirmed their divorce. The couple said the decision was due to “personality differences”, and Michelle explained that their lifestyle habits and pace of life were different. Shaun added that they will “still be good friends” and that he “will watch over her forever, protect her, and stay by her side”.



Shaun later married a Malaysian beautician, Celine, and became the father of a baby girl in December last year (2015).

2. Allan Wu and Wong Li-Lin


Former It couple seemed to have it all — celebrity status, beautiful kids, and a seemingly loving relationship.

The pair wedded in 2004, and have two children, 11-year-old daughter Sage and 10-year-old son Jonas. In 2011, the couple relocated to Shanghai with their children as Allan was hoping to make a name in the Chinese market.

News of their divorce was broken in June 2013 by their artiste management company Fly Entertainment, which said that the couple “reached a mutual decision to get divorced”. 

Li-Lin is known to be an extremely outspoken, yet private media personality. She eventually opened up about her divorce a year later, but insisted on keeping the reasons for their split a secret.

I don’t need to address it with anybody. This is between Allan and me…in any relationship, people want things to work.

Nonetheless, she spoke about Allan’s merits and said that he “is still a fantastic dad to the children”.

She also added:

We’re still family and we’ll always be family. It’s just that between us, it didn’t work. But besides that, nothing has changed.

3. Jacelyn Tay and Terence Cao 

2047151.1 (30644457) - 05_02_2014Source

The golden couple turned from reel to real lovers, and started dating in 1992. Their high-profile romance lasted all of six years, and is reportedly the actor’s longest relationship.

In 2010, Jacelyn Tay married her business partner and boyfriend of two years, Brian Wong. They have a 5-year-old son.

Meanwhile, Terence is still single, but had his first and only brush with marriage in 2010. His fiancée eventually called off the wedding, and Terence felt that it was a shortcoming on his part.

In 2012, Terence made headlines after discovering he fathered a child with a Shanghainese woman when Miss Shi Mei came to Singapore in a bid to get him to acknowledge his daughter. The two met at a party in 2010, and had a one-night stand. Terence said he has remained good friends with his daughter’s mother, and communicates with his daughter regularly.

4. Ix Shen and Ericia Lee


After seven years of their much-publicised romance, the two decided to call it quits in 2009.

Although Ericia told The New Paper in an interview in 2011 that she was “open to the idea” of reconciling, Ix said that the thought had never crossed his mind and that they were “still friends”. Rekindling their romance was made difficult as Ix later relocated to China for his career for three years.

Last year (2015), Ericia got married to someone outside the media industry.

5. Vincent Ng and Ling Lee



The wushu hunk and the beauty-queen-turned-actress-host saw their romance blossom after they met at a charity show in 2005. Ling emerged as Miss Body Beautiful and Miss Beautiful Skin at the 2005 Miss Singapore Universe pageant and was offered a part-time hosting/acting contract by MediaCorp. When Vincent injured his knee and had to be hospitalised, Ling visited him and Vincent was attracted to how sweet and caring she was. As a couple, they met on weekends to watch movies, hang out with friends, or to “search for nice food”.

In 2008, the couple announced their split after a two-year-plus relationship. Just before the breakup, both had even shared with Lianhe Zaobao about their romance, and Vincent even revealed plans to settle down in three years.

Vincent denied that the 10-year age gap led to their eventual breakup, but would not delve into details.

The eligible bachelor now resides at Sentosa Cove, and the only thing lacking now is the mistress of the house. Ng also shared that he already has someone in mind and is ready to start a family.

6. Rozz and Justin Vanderstraaten

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 12.07.38 pmSource

This May-December romance officially ended last September (2015), but the pair won fans by being unapologetic for their 12-year gap. Things were not smooth sailing for them as Rozz was labelled a cradle-snatcher and Justin, Rozz’s toy boy. Nonetheless, they braved criticisms and did everything together – from magazine shoots and even getting matching couple tattoos.

But the duo was not meant to be and broke up after nearly two years together. Rozz took to Instagram to announce the breakup as she felt that not saying anything about it would be hypocritical, and cited insecurity as the reason for the breakup.

I guess (Justin) being with me got too overwhelming and insecurity eventually crept in, took over, and won the battle.

7. Li Jiawei and Ronald Susilo


Who could forget the golden sports couple?

Li and Susilo first met at a sports meet in 2002, and started dating after they participated together in the Athens Olympics. In September 2004, the duo announced their engagement. Around 2006, rumours of their breakup surfaced, but were denied by both.

In January 2008, Susilo confirmed that he and Li had broken up amicably. But a report by The Sunday Times had revealed that their breakup was not that harmonious after all — Susilo contemplated taking legal action against his former fiancée to recoup the money he claimed to have spent on purchasing their car and condominium apartment.

Li disagreed that Susilo had a share in the apartment, and suggested he was trying to affect her mood and chances of winning a medal at the Beijing Olympics. Susilo later declined to reveal further to the media, and wished Li all the best for the games.

Things finally came to an end in October 2008 when Li and Susilo had reportedly settled their property dispute in a confidential settlement.

8. Jayley Woo and Edwin Goh

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 5.09.24 pm


In 2012, one-half of MediaCorp’s resident twins Jayley dated Fighting Spiders heartthrob Edwin Goh, which was high publicized by the media. Their brief romance, however, ended three months later.

Edwin was spotted kissing actress Dawn Yeoh at nightspot Zouk, which Jayley discovered after checking his mobile phone as she sensed something amiss. Edwin texted Dawn saying that he enjoyed the kiss, and of course, it was game over for #Jaywin.

Good news for the guys out there — Jayley has now been single for over a year since her last relationship with someone outside the industry, which lasted three years.

9. Naomi Neo and JianHao Tan


We can still hear the hearts of fans shattering till this very day, although it has been more than five months since their breakup. Who could blame them?

After all, they were the epitome of #relationshipgoals. At least Naomi eventually came clean and gave #NaoHao fans an account of what happened. In short, the pair dated for over 1.5 years, but their love became a routine as the workaholics’ “relationship was propelled by work”. Naomi subsequently dated another guy while with JianHao, but he forgave her and things became okay for a while.

But they “never really got to the root of the problem” and Naomi cheated on JianHao again with the same guy. JianHao eventually found out and tried to salvage things, but Naomi chose to leave as she “couldn’t bear the thought of hurting him again”.

Nonetheless, the two are still friends and even graciously thanked each other in their award speeches at Asia’s largest social media awards show Influence Asia.

10. Melissa Koh and Jonathan Radeke


The good-looking couple used to attract Instagram envy as they constantly posted the sweetest pictures on the social media platform with the hashtag #melnjon.

The #melnjon story started when Melissa went on an exchange programme at the University of Washington and met Jonathan.

While Melissa returned to Singapore after her exchange, Jonathan continued with his studies while living on the other side of the globe. Maintaining an LDR might be fraught with difficulties, but the tough couple managed to work things out.

But in July last year, the two decided to part ways.

Melissa shared on her blog:

Jonathan and I decided to call it quits after I returned from Paris. It was not a sudden decision but it was time that we had both learnt to let go of what’s not meant to be. There was no reason for us to be stubborn about the things that we had not believed in.

Fans were understandably upset and can still be seen leaving comments on Instagram calling for reconciliation.

11. Yumi Bai and Mario Ho


One-half of Singaporean Mandopop duo By2 Yumi Bai, has recently split up with Macau casino tycoon’s 20-year-old son Stanley Ho. Their acrimonious breakup was highly publicized in December last year.

Although the two had never publicly admitted to their relationship, most were privy to it — Ho even posted lovey-dovey pictures of them on his Facebook page in October last year (2015). But things changed when Yumi was reportedly dumped by Mario after she was spotted at a club with Chinese actor Sun Zujun, and even called the Ho family chauffeur to pick them up that night.

But in an interview with TNP, Yumi said she was unaware of those rumours, and hinted that work commitments led to their breakup.

After the pair parted ways, Yumi sure wasn’t having a good time and even posted a photo of herself looking “skinny like a skeleton”, alluding that the heartbreak caused her weight loss.


On the other hand, Mario seems to have moved on and is now seeing Singaporean magnate Peter Lim’s daughter, Kim Lim. Ouch for Yumi.


Keep up the faith

Nonetheless, we hope this article hasn’t wavered your faith in love. Don’t stop believing – after all, there are couples that prove fairytale romances do have a happy ending, just like these 11 cute Singaporean celebrity couples.

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