Men Throw Chairs Around During Heated Kopitiam Brawl, Concerned Staff Pull Them Apart

Men Throw Chairs & Punches Around During Kopitiam Brawl

It’s been a hot minute seen we’ve come across a fight break out a kopitiam. After all, most disagreements come about after copious amounts of alcohol are consumed.

Now that measures have relaxed, we’ve seen a rise in public brawls and the latest to join this infamous list is a fight that broke out at what seems to be a kopitiam in Bukit Batok.

Chairs were eventually thrown when the fight between a man in black and a blue-haired man escalated.

Concerned by the commotion, staff stepped in to pull them apart.

Kopitiam brawl between man in black & blue-haired man began with a push

On Thursday (26 May), a video was shared on the Umbrage Singapore Facebook page, showing a fight at an unspecified kopitiam.

Judging from the surroundings, it is likely that the incident took place at a kopitiam at Bukit Batok West Ave 8.

The 43-second clip starts with the sound of plates dropping on the floor. A man in black pushes a blue-haired guy in the back before walloping his head.

kopitiam brawl

Source: Umbrage Singapore on Facebook

Floored by the sudden push, the blue-haired man assumes a foetal position, covering his head with his hands to shield himself from the barrage of hits.

kopitiam brawl

Source: Umbrage Singapore on Facebook

A passer-by in red intervenes, pulling the aggressor away from the victim. He eventually gets up, but not before stepping on his victim for good measure.

kopitiam brawl

Source: Umbrage Singapore on Facebook

Blue-haired man hurled chairs amid protest from concerned staff

Quickly getting back to his feet, the blue-haired guy turns aggressive and proceeds to throw chairs toward the man in black.

kopitiam brawl

Source: Umbrage Singapore on Facebook

Ignoring the protests of the concerned staff, he continues tossing chairs before throwing a punch. However, he loses his balance and finds himself back on the floor.

kopitiam brawl

Source: Umbrage Singapore on Facebook

Back at square one, the fight finally stops after another passer-by intervenes.

The video ends as more concerned staff congregate around the blue-haired man who lies motionless on the floor.

MS News has reached out to the Singapore Police Force (SPF) for comment on the matter and will update the article accordingly.

Fights disrupt other diners’ mealtimes

This recent spate of public brawls may soon become a point of concern for our public safety if they continue popping up.

Whatever it may be, resorting to violence is a poor way of settling differences.

Getting into trouble with the law aside, it also disrupts the mealtime of other diners.

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Featured image courtesy of Umbrage Singapore on Facebook.

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