S’pore Lady Offers To Bring Own Tint To Get Cheaper Eyelash Treatment, Amuses Business Owner

Creative Customer In Singapore Asks For Cheaper Eyelash Treatment

As customers, we’ll always look to get the best deal possible whenever we’re out shopping. While most of us stop pursuing more after asking for a discount, this lady in Singapore thought she would bring her own tint to an eyelash appointment to get a cheaper deal.

After the eyelash stylist told the customer of the firm prices of her services, the lady attempted to lower the price again by offering to bring her own nutrition oil.

At one point, the lady even asked for the stylist’s bed and would arrange for a mover to get it off their hands.

This puzzling exchange amused the stylist as she shared her text conversation on Facebook.

Lady offers to bring her own tint to get cheaper eyelash treatment

On Monday (21 Mar) evening, a lady shared screenshots of a WhatsApp conversation she had with a customer.

The messages included an amusing exchange where the customer sought ways to reduce the price of the eyelash treatment and asked for freebies.

In the first screenshot, the customer quizzed the business owner over the different prices. Apparently, she was a returning customer and wondered what the price increase was due to.


After the business owner told her that the lower price of $25 was part of a promotion, the customer started trying her luck.

She then quipped and asked if she could be charged $8 if she brought her own tint. After the business owner asked her to explain herself, she cited the rising GST costs as the reason for her cost-cutting efforts.


The business owner quickly refuted the unreasonable proposal but was quickly met with a counteroffer.

The customer then asked if she could bring her own nutrition oil and said that by charging her $8, the owner will “huat huat” as a result.

Lady asks business owner to throw in a free bed if she signs package

After being told of the firm price, the customer then asked if the business owner was able to throw in some freebies.


She asked if the business owner would be able to throw in a free bed if she signed a 10-session package.

The business owner, seemingly fed up with the requests, asked if the customer would like their whole house too.

Seeing this, the customer cheekily apologised and said that her son’s bed was recently damaged and saw this as a chance to grab some “freebies”.

Be reasonable with requests to someone running a business

There is certainly nothing wrong with asking for a cheeky discount when the situation calls for it, especially for anyone looking to cut costs.

However, there must be limits to the types of requests on offer.

In this case, the eyelash stylist is still running a business and it’s only fair for her to be compensated for her time and effort.

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