5 common eye care myths S’poreans believe, because our ‘mother say one’

Eating carrots, eye exercises & other eye care myths from our mums debunked

Growing up, many of us were probably bombarded with all kinds of healthcare ‘tips’ from our mums.

While she meant well, there might have been a few that seemed a bit… off. For instance, does swallowed gum really stay inside your body for seven years? Spoiler alert: it does not.

Then there’s the eye health advice, which hits especially close to home for us in Singapore, the “Myopia Capital of the World”. So, her concerns aren’t totally off the mark.

But how do you separate the solid advice from the old wives’ tales? Keep reading as we debunk five common eye care myths.

Eating carrots can improve your eyesight

“Eat two servings of fruits and veggies every day” is probably something we’ve all heard a million times. And when it comes to improving our eyesight, mums always seem to have one go-to remedy: carrots.

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True, carrots are rich in Vitamin A, a nutrient that aids our eyes in dim light through a pigment called rhodopsin. It also keeps our corneas healthy by preventing ulcers and other issues.

However, let’s be real — just adding carrots to your diet isn’t a magic ticket to 20/20 vision.

While they can help maintain eye health, they won’t necessarily improve it. According to Gailey Eye Clinic, if your eyesight problems aren’t linked to a Vitamin A deficiency, munching on carrots won’t make a difference.

Reading in dim light damages your vision

Before smartphones and tablets, most kids could be found curled up in bed at night with their favourite storybook, often by the glow of a tiny bedside lamp.

If that was you, you might recall your mum lecturing you about the dangers reading in dim light can pose to your eyesight.

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But guess what? There’s no scientific evidence to back up that theory.

Sure, reading in low light might lead to dry eyes, and Harvard Health points out that it can tire your eyes more quickly — but it won’t necessarily damage them. These symptoms can be easily managed with eye drops, frequent breaks, and better lighting.

Wearing glasses makes your eyesight worse

Another blurry misconception is that wearing glasses will worsen your eyesight.

In reality, our vision deteriorates over time due to natural “age-related weakening”.

As we get older, our eye lenses grow larger and thicker, and the focusing muscles weaken.

This means stronger prescriptions over time — not because of the glasses, but because of the ageing process.

eye care myths

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So, instead of making things worse, wearing glasses is crucial for keeping your vision clear and correcting those changes.

You may avoid wearing glasses by performing eye exercises

Have you ever heard your mum say you could avoid wearing glasses by doing eye exercises? Common ones like near-focusing, far-focusing, and the ‘Figure Eight’ might come to mind.

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Once again, this advice doesn’t hold up as our vision is influenced by factors like eyeball shape and eye tissue health.

While eye exercises can improve eye flexibility and reduce strain, they can’t correct refractive errors like myopia or farsightedness.

You only need one pair of glasses for everything

Your mum might say: “Haiyo, need so many pairs of specs for what?” But different glasses serve different purposes.

Take Lenskart BLU glasses, for instance. They’re your screen-time protectors, blocking a whopping 98% of those pesky blue rays that our phones and laptops throw at us.

Whether you need them with a prescription or zero power, these blue light blockers make scrolling through TikTok way comfier.

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With Singapore’s scorching weather, a pair of sunnies is a must when stepping outside.

Enter Lenskart Switch, the perfect addition to your #OOTD.

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These polarised lenses not only shield you from the sun but also ensure clear vision. Plus, with magnetic Air Clip-ons, you can switch from eyeglasses to sunglasses in seconds.

Folks with higher prescriptions might want to look into Lenskart’s Tokai Neuroscience Progressive range, which offers wider vision and reduced distortion, avoiding that dreaded ‘bug-eye’ effect.

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Glasses aren’t just about function — they’re style statements too.

Lenskart’s Unlock Every You collection offers designs to match any vibe, whether it’s geek, chic, bold or classic.

Got a big presentation at work and need to exude #girlboss energy? Pairing a blazer and bold lip with sleek metal-framed specs ought to do the trick.

Image courtesy of Lenskart

There are also more lightweight, casual styles for days when you just want to chill at home, as well as bold sunnies for making a fashion statement wherever you go.

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Lenskart even has glasses that make it look like you’re wearing makeup even though you’re completely bare-faced.

eye care myths

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These cosmetic tinted glasses give you that just-applied-blush look before you step out. Talk about a time-saver.

No eye care myths here — enjoy Buy 1 Get 1 Free promo with Lenskart Gold membership

If you’re wincing at the thought of how your bank balance is gonna look after purchasing multiple pairs of glasses, fret not.

Lenskart’s prices are a sight for sore eyes, with glasses going at S$100, S$150, and S$200. And yes, that includes the lenses.

Giving you even more bang for your buck is its Gold membership, which includes unlimited access to a Buy 1 Get 1 Free promotion on all eyeglasses and sunglasses, along with numerous other perks and discounts.

Signing up costs just S$30 for two years. Now that’s a see-riously good deal.

To get the full picture, visit Lenskart’s official website and give it a follow on Instagram and TikTok.

With this guide, you’ll have a clear vision to separate fact from fiction the next time your mum shares more eye care myths and convince her that we all deserve more than one pair of glasses.

Who knows? Perhaps she’ll be inspired to get an extra pair or two as well.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Lenskart.

Featured image adapted from LP7 from Getty Images Signature on Canva and ChristopherBernard on Canva.

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