Boy In China Piggybacked Best Friend With Walking Difficulties Around School For 6 Years

His Friend Couldn’t Move Around Due To His Muscle Condition

As the saying goes, friends are the family we choose.

For 6 years, Xu Bingyang, a student at the Hebazi Central Primary School in China has been piggybacking his disabled best friend, Zhang Ze, around the school for various classes.


The pair first met each other back in first grade, and their friendship has blossomed beautifully since.

Has no control of his legs

At just 4 years old, Zhang developed a rare muscle condition named myasthenia gravis, AKA rag doll disease.

The disease caused Zhang to lose control of his legs, rendering it impossible to move around on his own.

Helped friend every day for 6 years

Despite his disability, Zhang was able to attend school like other kids his age, largely thanks to Xu’s help.

Every day for the past 6 years, the now 12-year-old Xu has been carrying him around school for classes.


According to Sichuan Online, Xu claims that it is not very physically demanding to lift Zhang as he weighs just 25kg, while Xu himself is more than 40kg.


In addition to carrying him around, Xu also helps Zhang with refilling his water bottle, getting lunch for him, and bringing him to the toilet.

A rewarding journey

Understandably, Xu takes a longer time to get around when he is helping Zhang.


For instance, while students usually take just 10 seconds to get from the classroom to the washroom, the pair requires 3 minutes as Zhang can only walk at a slow pace.

A quiet act of kindness

When asked about his reasons for helping Zhang, Xu said that he felt responsible to help those around him who are in need.

In his words,

I thought if i didn’t help him, nobody else would.

Xu hopes to continue helping those around him, and volunteer for the needy in the future.

Encourages a more inclusive society

Xu’s kind deeds are not only commendable but also show us that goodness exists all around us.

Perhaps, the actions of this 12-year-old boy can encourage us to all be kinder to those around us and work towards a more inclusive society.

Featured image from Sichuan Online.

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