China Tourists Cancel Travel Plans To Japan After Release Of Fukushima Nuclear Wastewater Into Sea

China Tourists Cancel Travel Plans To Japan Due To Nuclear Wastewater Release

Japan was once among the most popular overseas travel destinations for tourists from China.

However, Japan’s recent release of the wastewater from the Fukushima nuclear plant has tarnished the country’s appeal to the republic.

Chinese nationals have started to cancel their travel plans to Japan.

Travel agencies have suspended promotion activities for Japan-bound tour packages there as well.

Tourists from China reluctant to travel to Japan, cancel plans

According to China Press, China’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism reopened travels to Japan in groups on 10 Aug.

This was Beijing’s first tour group to the Land of the Rising Sun since the pandemic landed at the Haneda Airport four days later.

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Prior to the pandemic, Japan saw over nine million Chinese tourists. This placed Chinese travellers at the top in terms of visits and spending.

Not only is Japan one of China’s most popular destinations, but it was also the top choice for China’s National Day holidays starting 1 Oct.

However, with news of the Fukushima nuclear plant wastewater disposal into the Pacific Ocean, many have been cancelling their travel plans.

Travel sites stopped featuring Japan listings in prominent placements

China travel platforms initially saw that demand for group tours of Japan has surpassed other destinations such as Singapore and Thailand.

But, with this new development, travel sites have pulled Japan listings from prominent placements.

Over the last few days, customers have been withdrawing from their trips. Others who had wanted to visit Japan in November are also holding back on booking their holiday.

Fukushima Nuclear Plant Water

Source: Reuters via BBC

Given the current situation, Chinese media have reported that several travel agencies will be making adjustments to the packages they promote.

They will no longer be promoting the destination as vigorously. Some are considering to suspend marketing entirely.

Japan’s tourism economy may take a hit, says travel agency CEO

On Chinese social media, many have been condemning the Fukushima nuclear plant wastewater disposal. This includes most of them saying they have boycotted their upcoming trips.

In addition, some worried that this might cause tensions between China and Japan to worsen.

The chief executive officer of a travel agency, Zhang Zhining (transliterated from Mandarin), noted that Japan was initially slated to reap the benefits brought about by the National Day holidays.

But now, the projected number of Chinese tourists to Japan has dipped significantly. As a result of the shrinking pool of Chinese tourists, Japan’s tourism economy may also take a hit, he said.

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