China Worker Hopes To Reunite With S’pore Benefactor, She Gave Him S$1,000 Financial Aid

China Worker Searching For Benefactor To Repay Her Kindness

From time to time, we encounter kind souls whose seemingly small gestures have a profound impact on our lives.

About 16 years ago, a woman in Singapore came to the aid of a worker from China by lending him $1,000 during a period when he was facing financial difficulties.

china worker reunitesMr Fan with his wife in Singapore 10 years ago

The worker now wishes to return the money but has unfortunately lost all contact with the lady.

The man recently shared his story with 8world News and hoped readers would help him reunite with his benefactor.

Lady was like a ‘godmother’ to worker from China

The man, Fan Zhong Hua (范忠华) – name translated from Chinese – first met the kind lady back in 2006 when he was working in Singapore.

According to 8world News, Fan worked in Ying Shun Shipping then and studied part-time.

He later met the lady, Li Jie (李杰), who worked as a clerk in the same company.

Mr Fan, now 37 years old, shared that Ms Li treated him extremely well, almost like his ‘godmother’.

Apart from buying snacks, Ms Li would also bring him out for meals and give him and his wife red packets during festive seasons.

Mr Fan added that whenever he needs help with his schoolwork, Ms Li wouldn’t hesitate to search the materials online and print them out for him.

Ms Li lent him S$1,000 to tide over financial difficulties

In 2011, Mr Fan apparently experienced some financial difficulties, which were exacerbated by his monthly tuition and agency fees. The company he was working for also wasn’t doing well then.

Sensing this, Ms Li kindly lent him S$1,000 to tide him through the difficult times.

Even though Mr Fan had intentions to repay Ms Li at the time, he could not do so as he didn’t have enough money.

When he assured Ms Li that he will return the money, she apparently told him to treat the sum as a red packet for his and his wife’s wedding, reported 8world News.

The couple stayed in Singapore for 6 years and returned to China in 2012. They remained in contact with Ms Li for a few more years till Mr Fan reportedly lost his phone in 2015 together with the contacts it contained.

Mr Fan hopes to give ‘godmum’ a big hug & kowtow to her

According to 8world News, Mr Fan returned to work in Singapore last August but had no success locating Ms Li — she had apparently left the company.

Mr Fan’s financial situation has since improved and he hopes to repay Ms Li’s kindness ASAP after years spent worrying about the debt.

The 37-year-old, however, said that repayment isn’t even his main goal,

I’ve thought of returning her several times the sum she lent me. If I find her, I’ll give her a hug and even kowtow to her.

He also expressed his desire for Ms Li to visit China one day, and vow to host her well together with his family.

Those with information about Ms Li and ways of contacting her can reach out to the news outlet at 8288 8223 or through their website here.

Hopes Mr Fan can fulfil his wish

Mr Fan’s story of his benefactor is certainly heartwarming. Though the sum of money wasn’t particularly huge, it must’ve been extremely helpful for him during the difficult time.

We hope Mr Fan will be able to get in touch with Ms Li and fulfil his desire of repaying her kindness.

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