Toddler In China Cries After Mum Collapses From Fatigue, She Recovers Quickly To Comfort Him

Mum Collapses While Caring For Toddler, Shows The Hardships Mothers Endure

Being a mother is one of the toughest jobs anyone can ask for. While mums take care of their kids 24/7, they sometimes neglect their own health in the process.

Recently, a mum in Shanghai collapsed from fatigue while caring for her 2-year-old son.

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However, upon hearing her young son crying worryingly, the 31-year-old quickly recovered to comfort him.

Mum collapses from fatigue while caring for toddler son

Ms Qin is a 31-year-old mother from Shanghai, China with two kids — a 2-month-old girl and a 2-year-old boy.

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While she regularly shares clips of her daily life on social media, one recent incident went viral after catching netizens’ attention.

On 17 Mar, Ms Qin shared footage of her tending to her child’s needs. As she fussed over her young toddler, the 31-year-old mother briefly collapsed due to fatigue.

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Upon seeing his mother collapse, the child appeared frightened and started crying.

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Ms Qin only recovered some 20 seconds after collapsing. As soon as she got back on her feet, she reached out to comfort her anxious child.


In an interview with a Chinese news site, the mother shared that she did not have a proper meal at the time and might have collapsed due to low blood sugar.

Ms Qin also said she did not realise that she had fainted for 20 whole seconds and thought she merely blacked out for a few seconds.

Mum loves her kids despite hardships

Despite the hardships associated with being a mum, Ms Qin says she wouldn’t have it any other way.


Her children’s smiles and hugs apparently cheer her up, which makes all her sacrifices worth it.


Speaking to South China Morning Post (SCMP), Ms Qin said that while her son can be quite mischievous, he often hugs and kisses her when she’s feeling down.

The young boy would also help to care for his younger sister.


Appreciate our parents

Ms Qin’s video revealed the struggles that many mums around the world go through raising their kids.

Being a mother is undoubtedly tough work. In their self-sacrificial nature, they often put their children before everything else, sometimes at the expense of their own health.

Hopefully, Ms Qin’s video reminds viewers of the sacrifices their own parents made to get them where they are now and accordingly, the importance of being filial.

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Featured image adapted from 烟台广播电视台 on Douyin.

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