Chinese Vlogger Exposed As 58-Year-Old Auntie After Face Filter Glitches During Livestream

Chinese Vlogger With 130,000 Followers Turns Out To Be An Auntie

Livestreaming is fast becoming a viable career for game vloggers who bank on donations from their fans to support their causes.

In order to ‘rake in’ more donations from viewers, a Chinese vlogger named Qiaobiluo Dianxia resorted to using anime graphics to cover her face.


Most of her followers were duped into believing that she was a young lady.

But everything went wrong when her filter using started to glitch, exposing her true identity — a 58-year-old woman.


You can watch the live stream that she was ‘exposed’ in here.

Deceived viewers into thinking she was a young lady

The unfortunate incident happened last Thursday (25 Jul) during a live-stream session with another vlogger.

Qiaobiluo reportedly had 130,000 followers on DuoYu, a Chinese live-streaming website that allows followers to make donations to streamers.

Her true appearance had remained a mystery as her face was always covered by an anime graphics filter.


Fans were reportedly tricked into believing she was a young lady, given her “sweet voice” and pictures that she had previously shared.

Qiaobiluo also took advantage of her massive following and claimed that she would meet her followers in person for S$19,839 (100,000 yuan).

Unfortunately for Qiaobiluo that day, her face filter glitched as she was live streaming with another streamer named Mix Qingzi.


As her ‘bare face’ was revealed to viewers, Mix was stunned as she did not know whether to inform Qiaobiluo about the glitched filter.

Qiaobiluo eventually found out about it and revealed that she was a 58-year-old mother of one.

While some of her followers felt “cheated and betrayed”, others gave her support and her following increased three-fold to 400,000.

Qiaobiluo is now affectionately referred to as “Granny” and she continues to stream regularly.

Do good looks or content matter more?

We are glad that Qiaobiluo’s followers were able to look past her appearance and they continue to appreciate the content that she puts out.

Good looks may not last forever, but good content will definitely keep fans invested.

So even though Qiaobiluo might have lost ‘superficial’ followers that only support her for her looks, she has gained followers that appreciate her for who she truly is.

And that sounds a lot more like a win than a loss.

Featured image from Kotaku and YouTube.

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