6 Reasons Nas Daily Decided To Call Singapore His New Home

Nas Daily Explains Why He Moved To Singapore

By now, you must have heard of the news that YouTuber Nas Daily is calling Singapore his new home.

But what were his reasons for doing so?

On Saturday (27 Apr), Nas Daily released a 3-minute long video on his Facebook page, sharing why he decided to make the move over to Singapore.

You can watch the video in full here, we also break it down for you after the jump.

1. Singapore is safe

Nas loves how safe Singapore is. This means he and his crew do not have to worry about their belongings being stolen all the time or be worried about serious crimes happening around them.


2. Corruption free

Levels of corruption are extremely low here. This makes doing business a lot more appealing as there are no “hidden deals and mafia” to be concerned about.


3. Everywhere is easily accessible

Singapore is one of the smallest countries in the world, and that in itself can be an advantage, if you do not like wasting time on transportation.


In Nas’ words,

Every place is a 15 minute drive from you!

4. Easy communication

Another reason behind Nas’ decision is the ease of communication in Singapore, as the majority of Singaporeans speak the English language.


Looks like the late Mr Lee Kwan Yew made the right choice in choosing English as our lingua franca decades ago, at least for this case.

5. Strategic geographic location

Singapore has been known for its strategic location since the colonial times, and that advantage remains very much relevant today.


Nas points out that Singapore’s position in Asia allows him easy access to mature and emerging markets in Asia, such as Japan, China, and India.

6. The Singapore spirit

Nas is also a fan of the Singapore spirit, presumably referring to how enthusiastic and passionate Singaporeans are.


He also highlighted that Asians are extremely industrious people, and working around them help spur him on to be even more hardworking.

Admittedly, Singapore is not perfect

Despite the reasons above, Nas concedes that Singapore is not perfect.

Things can be rather expensive here, which makes Singapore a costly place to live in, including for locals.


If you find yourself constantly annoyed by the humid and hot weather, well, Nas shares your pain too.


Staying in Singapore also means Nas is literally a world apart from his parents, who live in Israel.


Lastly, Singapore’s culture is also very different from the one that Nas is used to back at home.


But to Nas, Singapore has a unique combination of opportunities and standard of living that is unparalleled anywhere else in the world.

And that’s why he has decided to call Singapore his new home.

Hope he enjoys his stay in Singapore

May Nas have a great time staying in Singapore, however long that may be.

Let’s hope that this will lead to more collaboration opportunities for media agencies in Singapore!

Do you have any feature-worthy stories or topics in Singapore that you hope Nas will cover during his stay here? Share them down below!

Featured image from Isreal21c

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