Nas Daily’s Girlfriend Hints At Move To Singapore

Nas Daily‘s short stint in Singapore last year sure got many Singaporeans excited.

If you’re a fan of the YouTube vlogger, chances are you’ll get to see more of him in the near future.

On Wednesday (20 Mar), Alyne Tamir, Nas Daily’s girlfriend announced on Instagram that the pair will be moving over to our sunny shores very soon.

Here’s her post in full.


The hub of Asia

In her Instagram post, Ms Tamir claimed that Nas has decided to make the move due to Singapore’s status as the hub of Asia.

Nas will be relocating here with Alyne and his production company.

Alyne also took the opportunity to praise Singapore for her “insane” airport, smooth traffic, and “amazingly nice” people.

She added that they have yet to decide on the exact duration of their stay but maintains that they will have a blast here, regardless of the length.

Even though she did not state the exact date of relocation, this could happen as soon as next month, as hinted in Nas’ recent InstaStory.


More collabs with local producers?

We are excited by the fact that Nas and his girlfriend will be moving to our shores soon.

Let’s hope this will lead to more Singapore-related content on his channel and more collaborations with local-based content producers.

Featured image from Instagram