Nas Daily Back In Singapore From 4 – 7 Dec

Nas Daily clearly loves Singapore.

The social media star – popular for his 1-minute features of various destinations – created 8 viral videos that showed Singapore in a positive light.

Like him or not, he’ll be returning to our sunny shores to speak at the Singapore Media Festival (SMF)’s Ignite conference and exhibition from 4 to 7 December.

He announced that he would also mentor some Singaporean filmmakers.

“Almost perfect country” controversy

Nas Daily’s previous visit got a lot of netizens hot and bothered.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably seen the video where he declared that Singapore was an “almost perfect country”.

The reason for this bold declaration? To Nas Daily, Singaporeans had engineered solutions to problems other cities faced.


These include sanitation and transport.


Races not getting along? Make people live next to each other.


He also met and featured PM Lee in a video.


After PM Lee’s appearance, some were convinced that his trip to Singapore had been sponsored.

But Nas Daily said that the allegations were “unfounded” and insisted that he paid for the trip himself. Still, his denial didn’t convince everybody.


Others loved the video.


And some welcomed him back.


Another warm welcome?

Despite the mixed reactions, the hype around his visit prompted IMDA to invite him to SMF.

The festival, which runs from 28 November to 9 December, celebrates Asian stories and storytellers. Nas Daily will cover topics like building digital audiences and digital storytelling.

Netizens being netizens, they questioned if his upcoming trip was sponsored by the government.


But others didn’t address this at all, instead welcoming him back “with open arms”.


Meetup with Nas Daily again?

Will Nas Daily host a meetup to give Singaporean fans yet another opportunity to be a part of  his videos? Who knows.

But since Nas posts daily (get it?), we can definitely look forward to a new Singapore series soon.

Featured Image from Facebook