Danish Footballer Christian Eriksen Collapses During Game, Fans Chant His Name In Solidarity

Christian Eriksen Resuscitated After He Collapses On Pitch

When someone collapses during a sporting event, it is always a cause for concern as in the worst-case scenario, it can be a sign of a heart attack.

Such a situation transpired at the EURO 2020 football tournament, where Danish footballer Christian Eriksen collapsed during a game 4 minutes before half-time.

The match between Denmark and Finland, held in Copenhagen, was immediately suspended while the 29-year-old was given cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

His teammates formed a wall around him for privacy.


Thankfully, the Danish Football Federation confirmed that the footballer is awake in the hospital.

Christian Eriksen collapses during game

Fans and footballers around the world were shocked when in the middle of a game between Finland and Denmark, Eriksen abruptly collapsed.

A video of the incident shows him stumbling and collapsing.


Players and the referee immediately called for urgent medical attention.


Subsequently, the footballer was given CPR while his teammates shielded him for privacy.

The cardiac massage managed to save his life, team doctor Morten Boesen said at a press conference.

A later picture shows Eriksen conscious while on a stretcher being taken to hospital.


Eriksen in hospital awake & getting tests

Thankfully, it appears that Eriksen is out of immediate danger. The Danish Football Association updated that Eriksen is awake.


He is also receiving further examinations at the hospital.

Fans chant Eriksen’s name & players rally around him

In a show of human solidarity, both sets of football fans at the stadium began chanting Eriksen’s name in a call-and-response.

An outpouring of support for the footballer also emerged on social media as everyone rallied around sending their best wishes.

On the pitch too, both teams gathered in a circle to wish him the best.


In a later game, Belgium striker and Inter Milan teammate Romelu Lukaku celebrated a goal by running up to the camera.


Dedicating his goal to Eriksen, he said “Chris, Chris, I love you”.

The game was eventually resumed after a period of suspension, in which Finland won 1-0.

However, the mood was undoubtedly sombre, with everyone’s thoughts with Eriksen and several Danish players reportedly in tears.

Despite the scare, Eriksen had reportedly asked his teammates to play on, and they fulfilled his wish.

Wish for a speedy recovery

Currently, the cause for Eriksen’s collapse is unclear. We don’t recommend any speculation at this time as he’s getting tests to determine the cause.

What’s important is that he’s safe. Victory or defeat is certainly secondary to the fact that Eriksen is doing okay.

Our thoughts are all with Eriksen and may he have a speedy recovery.

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Featured image adapted from Twitter.

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