E-Cloth Is A Non-Toxic Cleaning Cloth That Removes Dirt Without The Need For Soap

Open the storage cabinet and you’d probably find 1,001 types of cleaners for different surfaces and purposes.

Deciding which one to use can be a chore in itself, which is why doing away with them entirely would be way easier.

Along comes the fuss-free cleaning cloth E-Cloth, which lets you clean using the most basic combination of cloth and water.

Unlike most microfiber cloths, E-Cloth has thicker and heavier fibers that attract and trap grime, so you can clean surfaces without worrying about dirtying them again after multiple wipes.

Available in various designs for different needs, these will be handy staples to keep at home.

No more fuss over different types of cleaning chemicals

Bathroom, window, stovetop and multi-purpose — you’ve seen mum stocking up on a myriad of cleaning products and lugging them around while doing her chores.

Besides chipping in to help, another way you can lighten her load is by making the task easier.

Cut out the soaps and chemicals and stick to water only, which is all it takes to clean any surface using the E-Cloth.

Simply run the cloth under warm water, wring out any excess so it’s not dripping, and wipe it across the area that needs cleaning.

Since the cloth can last roughly 300 washes, mum can rinse and repeat multiple times to keep the house sparkling clean.

Keep oft-used areas of your home clean

A home chef and foodie’s haven, the kitchen is often subject to oil splatters and spills. Removing such stains won’t be as frustrating with the Kitchen Cloth, which comes with a scrubbing pocket.

Kitchen Eco Cleaning Cloth – $15

No more scrubbing till your arms hurt, as a simple wipe can keep everyone’s favourite space clean so mum can whip up delicious meals in peace.

Just dampen the cloth before use and wipe the stubborn residues away. The cloth works on sinks, stoves, and worktops, so you can tackle all the grime with it.

While you’re on a productive roll, why not do some light cleaning in the bathroom too?

Forget sponges, brushes, and a gazillion surface cleaners, as all you’ll need is this Bathroom Cleaning Cloth that works like a charm on basins, taps, tiles, and even mirrors.

Bathroom Eco Cleaning Cloth – $15

Go in on the smudges with the Glass and Polishing Eco Cleaning Cloth, which will leave your bathroom looking shiny, and your mirror perfectly spotless.

Glass & Polishing Eco Cleaning Cloth – $15

Remove smudges with a few swipes

Your mirror-cleaning magic will probably inspire mum to give the windows in your home a polish too.

No more wrinkly fingers from wringing wet cloths when she can simply slip her hand in this window cleaning mitt to get rid of unsightly fingerprints.

Window Genie Eco Cleaning Mitt – $28

If you see her squinting while rubbing the dirt away, it’s likely because her glasses are due for some cleaning.

Hand her the Glasses Eco Cleaning Cloth, which glides across the lenses smoothly and cleans them without a scratch.

Glasses Eco Cleaning Cloth – $8.50

Now that she can see much clearer, she’ll be able to catch you cleaning other parts of the house with the General Purpose Cleaning Cloth, and sing you the praises you deserve.

General Purpose Cleaning Cloth – $15

Stay clean & eco-friendly with E-Cloth

A range of eco-friendly alternatives like utensils and shopping bags are already helping us in our bid to save the environment.

E-Cloth lets us add cleaning products to the list, doing away with soaps and chemicals that may be harmful to the Earth.

The cloths are available for purchase on the E-Cloth website, where you can select according to specific needs or designs, and choose from various bundle sets.

You can also check them out on Facebook and Instagram.

With one of everything, mum will be like a kid at the candy store deciding which cloth to use first on her cleaning spree.

Cloth & water is all you need to clean

Juggling chores, cooking, and a career, mum probably already has her hands full with responsibilities that earn her the title of Wonder Woman in your life.

Reducing the amount of work she has to do by making chores lighter will be a heaven-sent relief.

Not only will she be humming while wiping all the surfaces with just cloth and water, she might entice you to join in the fun too.

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Featured image by MS News. Photography by Clare Ong.