S’pore Housewives Sew Adorable Cloth Masks For The Needy, SingPost Sponsors Labour Of Love

Singaporeans Sew Cloth Masks To Help Individuals In Need, SingPost Supports Through Free Delivery

Over the past 13 days of ‘Circuit Breaker’ (CB), many Singaporeans have resorted to whipping up cups of dalgona coffee or trying new workout challenges on YouTube in a bid to pass time.

A group of locals housewives, however, came together to do something more meaningful during this period instead.

They joined a new initiative named ‘Masks Sewn With Love’ to provide free face masks for the needy.


Joining the wholesome project, SingPost will also be assisting to deliver these hand-sewn masks for free.


Volunteers make cloth masks from scratch

Starting with just a printable template and spare fabric, volunteers from the “Mask Sewn With Love” Facebook group came up with countless batches of cloth masks.


Painstakingly sewed together from scratch, each cloth mask comes in different colours and designs ranging from floral patterns to more minimalistic stripes.


It is heartening to see people from all walks of life and ages come together to do something for the community.


SingPost delivers masks for free

After finishing a batch, volunteers would seal them in an envelope and drop them off at a mailbox.

Simply by labelling them with “Masks Sewn With Love”, SingPost will deliver the finished products to its respective destinations.


Cloth masks help vulnerable individuals

After days of sewing, it must be rewarding for them to see others benefitting from their hard work.

According to their Facebook post, the cloth masks will be distributed to those in need, such as elderly, children, individuals living in shelters, and domestic workers.


These volunteers are even trading tips and tricks, donating and exchanging their spare materials in an attempt to help one another.


Staying united during Covid-19

The wholesome initiative is a positive reminder for Singaporeans to stay united despite the grim events over recent weeks.

Though we are physically separated during the CB, we are still very much connected by our kind human spirits.

Kudos to the volunteers for putting in the hours and effort to help those in need. We hope more people will be inspired and join in the movement in time to come.

Featured image adapted from Facebook & Facebook.

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