Celebrate CNY With Audio Recordings At The Press Of 1 Button

This Chinese New Year will definitely be different from the usual, in light of additional Covid-19 measures. For example, tossing yusheng in restaurants should be a mask-on affair, and we’re discouraged from shouting auspicious phrases.

Of course, enterprising netizens have come up with safe ways to minimise disruption while still ensuring that we can ring in CNY.

One of these is via an app containing audio recordings of auspicious phrases.

The apps, created by one who goes by DJ Beng, can ensure that your CNY celebrations are saliva-free with the mere press of a button.

CNY apps let you shout ‘Huat Ah’ with 1 button press

There are 3 apps hosted online that you can soon use for your CNY celebrations.

The first one yells an audio recording of ‘HUAT AH‘ to ensure prosperity, be it in your endeavours or gambles.


It’ll also ensure that you don’t yell and thus spread saliva. Just press the button to summon the audio.

Here’s how the audio sounds.

Yamseng for ages with CNY app

Even the prolonged toasting of drinks – aka yamseng – is accounted for.


Impressively, the recording is built-in to wobble the yamseng pitch — just like in real life when we can’t sustain our own yamsengs.


This app is certainly a breath- and saliva-saver.

Throw auspicious phrases while tossing yusheng

Last but certainly not least, the lohei app allows one to pick from several auspicious phrases to yell while tossing yusheng.


Best of all, you don’t even need to recall the phrases as the app already stocks them.

Where was this app when we needed it during previous CNY celebrations?

You can check the app out by DJBeng here and here.

Having an auspicious CNY in midst of Covid-19 pandemic

Kudos to DJ Beng for coming up with these apps — we’re sure they’ll be widely used in the upcoming CNY celebrations.

While this year will definitely be a different experience and we can’t do some of the familiar traditions surrounding CNY, we have to remember that safety should trump all.

Therefore, we should adhere to all the Covid-19 measures now to ensure that we can get to have many more celebrations in the future.

Of course, with the help of Lohei and Huat Ah apps.

If you enjoy the apps, DJ Beng requests that you donate to Singapore Children’s Society or to your favourite charity at giving.sg.

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Featured image adapted from Eatbook, DJ Beng and DJ Beng.