CNY Song In Malay A Viral Hit, Spotlights Chinese Instruments & Singers In ‘Ong’ Outfits

Viral CNY Song Features Malaysian Artistes Singing ‘Dong Dong Dong Qiang’ With Malay Lyrics

Don’t be surprised if you hear a festive, CNY song in Malay being played during your house visits this year.

Chances are, it’s ‘Dong Dong Qiang’, an original CNY song written and sung almost entirely in Malay, by Malaysian performers Ayie Floor, Harry Khalifah, Sarah Suhairi, Liza Aziz, Beby Acha, and Aidilia Hilda.

Since its release on 7 Jan, the video has racked up nearly 600,000 views on YouTube and become a bona fide hit among viewers of all races and religions.

Given its unique multicultural nature and catchy melody, it’s easy to see why.

Producer cites CNY song in Malay as first of its kind

In the first minute of the song, those familiar with Chinese New Year festive tunes will no doubt recognise the hook of ‘Dong dong dong qiang, dong dong dong qiang’ from the iconic hit ‘Gong Xi Fa Cai’.

Now, thanks to Malay lyrics and a full roster of Malay performers, the song has got a fresh update just in time for the festive season.


The diversity extended offscreen too. According to Channel NewsAsia (CNA), music producer and composer Nevin Hiong said the owner of MVM Production had reached out to him to produce a Chinese New Year song for his Malay artistes.

It was specified that these 3 phrases had to be written in: ‘gong xi ni’, ‘dong dong qiang’, and ‘huat ah’.

To incorporate them seamlessly into Malay lyrics, Hiong engaged the help of his Malay production manager Uncle Chain.

Hiong also said this is likely ‘the very first original Chinese New Year song in the national language of Malaysia’.

What takes a song from good to great is a catchy melody paired with lyrics that pack a punch, and ‘Dong Dong Qiang’ is undoubtedly great.

Lyrics promote unity in creative ways

Overall, the lyrics drive home the evergreen message of unity, with references to Chinese New Year staples like angbao and Mandarin oranges to keep the song relevant.

CNY song MalaySource

Some of our favourite lines include:

Luar kita berbeza
Hati tetap kan sama
Kita bagaikan pokok
Kuat pada akarnya

English translation:
“On the outside we are different
But our hearts are the same
We’re like a tree
Strong at the roots”

Hari ini hari raya
Lain bangsa tapi bersama
Tahun baru teman yang lama kita

English translation:
“Today is the New Year
We’re from different races but we’re together
New Year, old friends”

Music video a delightful blend of Malay & Chinese culture

The music video is a well-thought-out visualisation of the lyrics, with Beby Acha donning a red cheongsam for the first time and decorative elements like fans, lanterns, and a lion dance troupe scattered throughout.

CNY song MalaySource

Oh, and if the hand signals performed by the ladies feel like they’re straight out of a TikTok video, you’d be spot on.

CNY song MalaySource

The music video’s director-cum-composer Wang Xi Min told MySinchew that the production studio hired a professional to incorporate popular hand signals from TikTok into the performance, giving the music video a trendy spin.

At one point in the video, the 4 women demonstrate their impressive Chinese calligraphy skills by writing well wishes on couplets – in Mandarin Chinese, no less!

CNY song MalaySource

Our primary school selves could never.

Netizens united in mutual love for CNY song in Malay

The comments show numerous netizens commenting in various languages, proving that the video has indirectly united people from all walks of life.

Many said that they were touched by the diverse, genuine side of Malaysia it represents and praised it for evoking the spirit of patriotism.

This commenter expressed her love for her multiracial circle of friends in the most wholesome way ever.

CNY song MalaySource

Like many countries in the past two years, Malaysia has seen some tough times, but nothing can’t be overcome when people come together.

CNY song MalaySource

Gong Xi Fa Cai may be seen as a Chinese New Year greeting, but we’re sure everyone shares its sentiment!


Dong Dong Qiang is definitely a memorable first, but let’s hope it will not be the last.


It looks like this might be an instant classic festive song that will be played in malls and households for many years to come.

A true reflection of the diverse culture we live in

More than a form of seasonal entertainment, Dong Dong Qiang reflects the diverse society we live in and reminds us of the joy we can share by integrating into each other’s cultures.

While the video was made by Malaysians for Malaysians, its message is universal. We hope it paves the way for even more diverse representation in mainstream media.

How did you find the song and video? Let us know in the comments.

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Featured image adapted from MVM Music on YouTube.

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