These Parody UNO Cards Are Just What We Need For CNY Gatherings

Every Chinese New Year (CNY), we revel in the shared misery of dodging invasive questions from the aunties and uncles in our family.

One Singapore-based company has come up with a perfect game to combat your nosy relatives.


On Thursday (7 Jan), Grimm & Company shared their designs of a parody UNO game that will help you siam your relatives’ incessant questions and comments.


This yearly tradition of being ‘assaulted’ by an incessant string of questions and judgemental comments from well-meaning aunties is so relatable that the creative designs went viral overnight.

CNY UNO cards let you ‘skip’ relatives’ questions

In Grimm & Company’s version of UNO or rather, U-NO, the cards carry valuable moves we truly need to get through CNY.

Use the “Skip” card to dodge annoying questions like, “When are you getting married?”

The company even jokes that execution of the move is by throwing the card in a relative’s face and walking away. Though we’d advise against that, to avoid incurring the wrath of your auntie.


Alternatively, you can pull a “Reverse” card to clap back at a relative’s condescending comment.

They even provide a perfect template answer for when an auntie asks if you’ve put on weight. Saying that you want to be just like them will surely put an end to their criticisms.

Of course, they did not forget the “+2” and “+4” cards.

But in this case, you draw 2 red packets from any relative, regardless of marital status. Ang Pow-erful indeed.

CNY UNO cardsSource

We all know CNY gatherings can get a little wild.

So why not use a “Wild Draw 4” card and ‘steal’ your siblings’ or cousins’ red packets.

Push the envelope a little more by taking the money out and making it rain, while twerking in front of your grandparents, as per the card’s instructions.


There’s never been an UNO power card quite destructive as this. At least you can let the embarrassment wear off until the next CNY gathering.

Inspired by The Mahjong Line

Grimm & Company was inspired to put their own Asian twist to the childhood favourite game by The Mahjong Line’s attempt at “refreshing” mahjong.

CNY UNO cardsSource

UNO is, after all, a simple game that brings about hours of joy and fun.

And that’s just what Grimm & Company banks on, as younger folks desperately seek ways to kill the long hours they spend at CNY gatherings.

Addressing their target audience, this parody design promises to be the “perfect family game to make Chinese New Year even more awkward!”

Let us know what you think of U-NO

CNY is a happy occasion, but there’s no denying the need to carefully navigate the throngs of aunties and uncles who bombard you with a litany of questions.

If only these U-NO cards were real, so we can pull them out in the most awkward of situations instead of muttering polite replies.


On a more positive note, CNY will be a smaller, more intimate family affair this year. So hopefully, that one especially unrelenting auntie will not make an appearance.

Would you like this CNY U-NO to be an actual product? Let us know in the comments down below.

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