S’pore Coffee Shops Allow 5-Pax Dine-Ins From 7 Mar, Safety Measures Will Be Implemented

Coffee Shops Will Allow 5 Pax to Dine In Cordoned Off Areas from 7 Mar

While restaurants and eateries can officially allow 5 pax to dine in, coffee shops have, unfortunately, been left out.

However, it seems that the wait to dine in with your family at coffee shops is finally over. Starting from 7 Mar, coffee shops can choose to allow groups of 5 to dine in.


Upon approval, coffee shop operators will have to cordon off the areas meant for groups up to 5 to dine in. This is in compliance with safety measures.

Outside of the cordoned off areas, only 2 persons will be allowed to dine in together.

Groups of 5 can dine in at coffee shops

According to Senior Minister of State for Sustainability and the Environment Dr Amy Khor’s Facebook post, coffee shops and canteens can have groups of up to 5 dining in from Monday (7 Mar).

This change in the ruling is optional for coffee shop and canteen operators.

Operators who want to allow groups of up to 5 persons to dine in together will have to submit a proposal to the Singapore Food Agency (SFA).

Dr Khor added that the proposal should include the 3 different measures offered under Vaccinated-Differentiated Safe Management Measures (VDS).


The first measure is implementing a time limitation on dining in. The second measure will be cordoning off the area reserved for groups of 5 to dine in. The third measure involves implementing the first two at once.

The SFA will approve the proposal based on how effective the handling of the chosen VDS measures are.

Safety measures at coffee shops must be followed

Once the proposal for SFA has been approved, operators must display signs to inform those dining in of the measures in place.

For instance, if the measures involve time limitation, this must be stated as such on a sign. If the measures involve cordoning off an area, the designated location must be clearly demarcated as well.

SFA will be conducting routine checks on coffee shops. This is to ensure that the safety management measures under VDS are being strictly adhered to at all times.

We must remain safe whilst dining in

For those of us who love to frequent coffee shops, we can now enjoy the luxury of dining with our friends and family.

However, even with safety measures in place, we should still remain vigilant whilst dining in. Practising healthy habits like using hand sanitiser will go a long way in ensuring our own health and safety.

It is more important than ever that we continue to be mindful of our own health. If we do our part in maintaining our safety, we can ensure everyone has a great time dining in.

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