Chonky Civet Cat Gets Comfortable In Bukit Timah Tree, Cleverly Stays In The Shade

Civet Cat Seen Making Itself Comfortable In Tree At Hillview

On regular days, we’d expect to see the usual suspects in a tree — some birds or perhaps a skittish squirrel darting among the branches.

Recently though, a resident spotted a rather large furry creature among some leaves.

Source: Reddit

Netizens identified the animal to be the Common Palm Civet, commonly known as the civet cat.

Although the species is nocturnal by nature, the animal appeared wide awake — albeit preparing for a lazy daytime nap.

Resident spots four-legged creature in palm tree

On Thursday (18 May), a Reddit user shared a short clip of the rare animal sighting in Hillview.

The OP claimed that their parent had spotted the animal “right outside the window”.

At the start of the clip, the creature was lying on its side with both its paws resting on an adjacent branch.

Source: Reddit

It appears almost human-like as it lounges while peering down into the lower branches.

Not long after, the adorable animal seemed to decide that it wanted to be in a more comfortable position.

Source: Reddit

We can only imagine that it’s been eating well, given the size of its belly.

Spotting the potential for a perfect nap spot, the creature plopped itself down and nestled closer to the trunk of the tree.

Source: Reddit

Now fully horizontal, it was a picture of pure contentment.

Rare daytime sighting of civet cat

With its black ‘mask’ and long muzzle, netizens were able to identify the creature as a Common Palm Civet.

According to the NParks information page about the animal, the Common Palm Civet enjoys staying in trees and elevated places.

Source: Our Wild Neighbours, for illustration purposes only.

In fact, some civets have even been found living in roof spaces of urban housing.

While it’s not uncommon in Singapore, civet cats are typically more active at night as they are nocturnal by nature.

As such, spotting the animal during the day could be seen as a rare stroke of luck.

Civet cat prepares for a daytime snooze

As the wild animal is typically shy, it’s definitely a treat to spot one out and about during the day.

In the case of this chunky civet cat, it appeared oblivious to everything else as it prepared for its power nap.

NParks advised that while it’s acceptable to observe civet cats from afar, humans should never approach or corner them.

After all, the furry creature is still a wild animal, no matter how cute and chubby it looks.

Have you ever encountered a civet cat here in Singapore? Let us know in the comments.

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Featured image adapted from Reddit.

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