Commonwealth Secondary School teachers rescue snake beaten nearly to death by staff

Commonwealth Secondary School teachers rescue snake from near death

On 9 May, a teacher at Commonwealth Secondary School took to Facebook to share about a snake that he, together with his colleagues, rescued from a precarious situation.

Source: Facebook

A member of the non-teaching staff had apparently been hitting it with a metal tong out of fear before another teacher stepped in and stopped them.

The OP shared that along with his colleagues, he then took the reptile to safety, releasing it in ‘The Rainforest’, an eco-habitat within the school.

Commonwealth Secondary School teachers rescue snake

According to the OP, the incident occurred on 29 April, at around 1.20pm. The reptile, a golden tree snake, had been outside the second level of the toilet for staff members at the school.

Source: Facebook

It was nearly killed as a result of the assault, which only stopped when another teacher stepped in.

Upon the OP’s arrival, the staff passed him the snake in a white trash bag. He noticed blood stains in the bag, noting that the snake hadn’t been moving much.

Showing it to a few colleagues and the school’s principal, the OP narrated what occurred earlier.

He also reiterated to employees of the school the proper protocols for dealing with wildlife after encountering them within the building.

Teachers educated students during rescue

With the help of another colleague, he brought the snake to the entrance of ‘The Rainforest’ in the school.

They transferred the reptile to a piece of paper. At that moment, the snake seemed “lifeless” according to the OP.

This was not entirely the case, though, as soon after, the body of the snake began to constrict and relax.

Source: Facebook

“We decided to transfer the snake onto a branch in the Rainforest and kept an eye on it for the next two hours while explaining to students passing by the correct behaviour when encountering a snake in our school,” the OP explained.

Source: Facebook

Eventually, the snake gained strength and slithered its way up a tree.

“There’s still so much work to be done in terms of educating the public to live alongside with our wild neighbours,” he added.

Source: Facebook

The OP also mentioned that the teacher who intervened when the non-teaching staff was hitting the snake had a fear of the species.

Despite her terror, she took the step to intervene, which the OP appreciated.

“I thank her for her compassion towards this snake and allow the snake to live to see another day,” he said. “In another school, this snake would possibly be killed without any questions asked.”

MS News has reached out to the OP for more information on the matter.

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