S’pore Community Cat Found With Blue Stain Across Body, Groomer Bathes & Shaves Feline For Safety

Community Cat Covered In Blue Stain, Feeder Brings It To Groomer For Help

As much as some of us find comfort in friendly neighbourhood community cats, these felines place a lot of trust in us humans too. So when a particular cat showed up with a mysterious blue stain across its body, it’s easy to assume that someone may have taken advantage of the creature’s trust.

Source: @sashimeoww on TikTok

Thankfully for this kitty, a feeder found him and quickly brought him to a groomer for help.

Multiple baths failed to remove the stain, so the groomer ended up shaving some of the cat’s fur to ensure his safety.

Community cat found with blue stain on body

In a TikTok post yesterday (27 Sep), Micaela shared that a customer had come to her workplace at Neko Neko Cat Store with a community cat sporting a bright blue stain across his body.


My customer who’s a community cat feeder brought a stray cat in to the salon today. She said she feeds him often and one day he turned blue… and I suspect someone did this to him. Even if you don’t like them, leave them alone.

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The feeder claimed that she feeds the cat often but saw it suddenly covered in an unknown blue substance that day. She thus brought the cat to the salon to get help removing the colour.

Assessing the feline first, Micaela observed that the colour went as far as his ears. She thus suspected that someone could have done something to him.

Source: @sashimeoww on TikTok

The groomer then tried scrubbing the cat’s fur with soap thrice to get the colour out but to no avail.

Source: @sashimeoww on TikTok

Throughout the process, she noticed that the cat was well-behaved, especially for a stray cat that likely had never had a bath before.

Groomer shaves fur to ensure cat doesn’t ingest anything harmful

With the ‘ole soap and water not working, Micaela turned to her last resort — shaving down the feline’s fur.

Source: @sashimeoww on TikTok

She only got rid of what was needed to ensure that the cat wouldn’t lick or ingest anything harmful in the blue substance.

Even so, some of the stain remained, as she claimed that it went all the way to the cat’s skin.

Source: @sashimeoww on TikTok

Again, the kitty kept still and quiet throughout the grooming process. For being such a good boy, he also received a well-deserved treat.

As his fur would need time to grow back, he will be under foster care before he’s put up for adoption.

Cat pending vet checks before finding forever home

In a follow-up post addressing some misconceptions, Micaela explained that the cat, whom she calls Blueberry, is about eight to 12 months old and has lived as a stray or community cat all his life.


Replying to @poot Update 💙 his fosterer and feeders call him Baby Blue but I personally like to call him Blueberry 🫐🫐

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Like most strays, he had already been neutered and released back into the community.

Thanks to many cat lovers and feeders in the area, Blueberry has been well-fed ever since he was a kitten. Perhaps because he grew up in such a loving environment, Blueberry is also very tame and trusting of people.

Therefore, Micaela suspects that someone may have taken advantage of this. Moreover, as Singapore doesn’t have dog fighting rings that she’s aware of, she disputes the possibility that Blueberry may have been painted for bait.

Speaking to MS News, she shared her suspicion that the substance could have been aerosol spray paint as the feeders allegedly found a few bottles of it disposed of near the location where they found the feline. Furthermore, bits of blue transferred to Micaela’s hands when she touched Blueberry.

As she had to shave some of his fur, she and the feeders agreed that it wouldn’t be safe to release Blueberry back into the community. Hence, they plan to put him up for adoption after his checkup, which includes checking for feline leukaemia virus (FeLV) and feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV).

Regardless of the test results, they hope to find a loving home for the docile and gentle feline.

Hope kitty finds a loving home

While we may never know how Blueberry ended up in such a state, we’re glad he’s in safe hands now.

Hopefully, he’ll be able to find a new home soon, where he can be safe always.

Kudos to the feeder and Micaela for helping Blueberry in his time of need.

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Featured image adapted from @sashimeoww on TikTok.

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