MustShareMail: Companies Have To Trust Employees Without Using KPI

If your company has key performance indicators (KPI), it means that they do not care about you. It is as simple as that.

And it’s time to find a new company that cares for you.

This WFH period has been difficult for me and everyone I’ve talked to, even harder than working from the office.

I know companies want to make us WFH so they can try to save more money on electricity.

They don’t even pay us for the increased electricity costs we have to bear!

My company merely gave me an office laptop to use. Nice try but not good enough.

The company should at least be providing us with a good chair and table so we have a good working environment at home.

With KPI to hit, it makes us so overworked and I have no time to do anything extra to help the company.

There is so much I want to do for the company but I cannot because of KPI, and I am unable to grow as an individual too.

Month after month, KPI feels like high pressure. Although the management says KPI is used to evaluate individual performance,  everyone is born different.

Therefore, it is unfair to compare employees using KPI.

KPI should be abolished — we are in 2021 and there is no more place for it.

Companies have to trust us to do our best every month, then they will get the best results.

If your company uses KPI, they don’t care about you or your mental health.

Overworked employee (who deserves a big raise too)

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