5 Adorable Puppers Born At Construction Site Need Loving Homes ASAP

Puppies In Flower Nursery Now, But Face Threats From Pythons

Hold your “aww”s because these cute puppies aren’t in a very cute situation.

Good Samaritans who found them at a construction site moved them to a flower nursery nearby but the conditions there are still far from ideal.

Confined to a small area and exposed to rain, the 7 to 8-week-old puppies are in urgent need of a proper home.

Not enough food and shelter

Dog lovers Ms Peh Sue Ann and Ms Sharon Oh claim that the puppies were born at a construction site.

Wanting to move them to safety, the pair relocated the puppies to a flower nursery nearby but the lack of proper shelter left them at the mercy of the wet weather.


Ms Peh and Ms Oh have been caring for the puppies but making regular trips to the nursery and feeding five dogs could take a toll on them.

Since the puppies are young, the pair feel that it’s best for them to find a permanent home.

Search ongoing for weeks

Ms Peh first shared about the puppies on her Facebook account on 14 Nov. It has now been 2 weeks but it appears that nobody has expressed genuine interest in adopting them yet.

The puppies are said to be “calm and friendly”, as evidenced by this dog’s goofy and enthusiastic smile.


Okay the one in the back of this picture looks a little sad. Someone cuddle it please.


You can imagine how cold and uncomfortable it must be for them to sleep in such conditions. The ground and carpet grass look soaked.

Not HDB-approved but negotiable

The puppies’ breed is not in the list of HDB-approved dogs, which could be a reason why not many Singaporeans are keen on adopting them.


But netizens cite instances of HDB residents being able to keep such breeds as pets while ensuring that they adhere to these conditions:

  • Keep the dogs on a leash whenever they’re out of the house
  • Stop them from barking non-stop at any time of the day
  • Make sure they’re not a disturbance to other residents

The general consensus among netizens is that keeping these dogs as pets should be fine as long as we respect our neighbours and vice versa.

This clarification has encouraged some netizens on Reddit to express interest in adopting the puppies.



Puppies still up for adoption

While it’s possible to navigate around the HDB-approved list of dog breeds, Singaporeans are encouraged not to, to avoid any run-ins with the law.

This is why Ms Peh and Ms Oh are giving priority to interested adopters living in private housing only.


Whether you live in a HDB flat or not, if you’re interested or know someone who might want to adopt one of the puppies, contact Ms Peh at 9862 0609 or Ms Oh at 9737 7150.

We really hope these puppies will find a home soon. We can’t bear to see these cuties in such a sad state.

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Featured image from Facebook.

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